HIT C-Drama “A Love So Beautiful” to get a Korean Remake

The hit Chinese drama “A Love So Beautiful” is presumably to get a Korean version aired soon and fans are overjoyed!

The original drama has received so much positive feedback from Mainland China as well as abroad ever since it became available on Netflix. The popular show has made Netizens curious about who will be cast for the Korean version of the show.

“A Love So Beautiful” is a pure, sweet love story between two childhood friends. Chen Xiao Xi (Shen Yue) is head over heels for the neighborhood boy but she isn’t the only one that likes him. She makes her love for him so evident but sadly, Jiang Chen (Hu Yi Tian) can care less. Her cute demeanor and strong personality come off as annoying to Jiang Chen but whenever he pushes away from her, she comes persistently back.

Jiang Chen is focused on straight A’s and studying. Chen Xiao Xi is remotely interested in that fact and that makes her more cumbersome for Jiang Chen to deal with. Jiang Chen has known Chen Xiao Xi, his entire life, and is adamant to the fact that he is not interested in love. But is that really true? Will Jiang Chen fall in love? And what happens when another boy gets interested in Chen Xiao Xi?

The official cast has not been officially announced. However Former X1’s Kim Yohan and So Ju Yeon (Dr. Romantic 2) has been given the role although we are not sure if it has been accepted yet. We know Su Ju Yeon is interested and considering the role however, we are not so sure for Kim Yohan.

“A Love So Beautiful” Korean remake is said to be aired by Kakao M. The series will be a short 20-minute episode by episode which seems to be a mini-series compared to the original 45-minute show.

Have you watched the C-drama? What are your thoughts on the Korean remake?

Check out the trailer to the original C-Drama below.