ILLIT’s ‘Magnetic’ Surpasses 200 Million Streams on Spotify, Sets New K-pop Record

ILLIT’s song “Magnetic” has now exceeded 200 million streams on Spotify.

According to Spotify on May 22nd, the title track “Magnetic” from ILLIT’s first mini-album “SUPER REAL ME” reached a total of 200,123,933 streams as of May 21st.

This achievement was reached 56 days after the song’s release in March, and just about a month after it reached 100 million streams. With this milestone, ILLIT has earned their first 200 million streams on Spotify, establishing a new record for the shortest time for a debut song by a K-pop girl group to reach this number of streams.

Previously, ILLIT made their highly anticipated debut with the song ‘Magnetic‘ and mini-album ‘SUPER REAL ME.‘ ‘Magnetic’ is a bubblegum pop song about having a crush on someone and not being able to hide one’s feelings. Their mini-album consists of four songs, including ‘My World,’ ‘Magnetic,‘ ‘Midnight Fiction,’ and ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome.’

ILLIT is BE:LIFT’s first girl group to debut under the company and the second artist under the label, following Enhypen. The group, consisting of members Wonhee, Minju, Iroha, Moka, and Yunah, was formed on the survival show ‘R U Next?’

Check out their mini-album below!”


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