(INTERVIEW) FEMM Talks About Their New EP [404 Not Found] And The Duos latest Update

Coming to life in 2014, these two mannequins, known as FEMM, have been fighting for mannequin liberation one song at a time. The duo made waves in 2015 with their track ‘Fxxk Boyz Get Money,’ becoming a viral hit with viewers worldwide.

FEMM has now released three new singles, ‘Level Up, Summer Dream, and Peach’ along with the EP「404 Not Found]. Which is available on all streaming platforms. Today we’ll be talking to the duo about their new EP and a bit about their music career.

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Can you tell us the meaning behind your new single and the MV for “Level Up ?”

RiRi: The MV for “Level Up” is the story of us getting updated to FEMM 2.0. Running through memories of our past in various locations in Tokyo, we are now ready to step forward.

Would you consider your project [404 Not Found] to be apart of the Trap music genre?

LuLa: Didn’t really think of it being Trap. We think of it being just our own original sound 🙂

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Throughout the years, we’ve seen you guys work with different music producers. What was it like working with Star Boy, Loesoe,
& Radical Hardcore Clique on this project?

RiRi: They are all super talented and cool producers. We’ve been working with Radical Hardcore Clique for a long time. They’ve done a lot of our remixes and also wrote tons of songs for us. It was our first time working with Star Boy and  Loesoe, and we were so excited to hear their dope and chilling beats.

How did your collaboration with the Duke of Harajuku happen?

LuLa: I met Vick from Tokyo Vitamin at Faline Tokyo in Harajuku. After a year or so, we heard that Vick’s teammate Duke of Harajuku was interested in working with us and the collab started.

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What message did you want to convey with the [404 Not Found] EP?

RiRi: In this pandemic era, we think it’s important to stay strong more than ever. This EP has lots of dark and edgy beats, that kind of fits this time. It’s the sound that we want to hear right now.

What’s your favorite song on the album and why?

RiRi: I love Peach. It’s got a real strong girl energy in it. Anyone who loved our song Fxxk Boyz Get Money would love it. I can just feel it!

LuLa: “Level Up” is my favorite! Lots of passion in this song. And also we made it with the people we love.

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Recently FEMM went through a firmware update to FEMM 2.0. What are some of the new features fans might not know about yet?

LuLa: I think the most obvious change is that our movements got a lot more smooth. Also, we can express our own feelings now.

What do you think someone who doesn’t know about FEMM should listen to first and why?

RiRi: “Fxxk Boyz Get Money” will be the best song to introduce us. If you like it, you can probably love what’s coming next in our EP.

LuLa: Also, “Plastic.” Track maker MYLK especially made this song as FEMM’s theme song.

At the beginning of your career, FEMM dabbled in the rap scene for a bit. However, your core genre for awhile was EDM. What made you switch from an Eletro Pop duo to a Rap Duo?

LuLa: We have always sung rap. In our 1st album, we have lots of songs that include rapping. You may not have thought of it as rap, but for us it was. We were enjoying the vibes with the EDM tracks and singing rap over it. It’s kind of our style, and we are still having fun with it.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing women today coming up in Japan’s music industry?

RiRi: Not just Japan, but it can be difficult being a woman sometimes. Even if we want to wear something sexy just for fashion, some may say it’s too much. We think it’s important always to have your own style and be comfortable with it.

Does FEMM have any plans to tour the U.S. sometime in the near future?

LuLa: We had some events in the U.S. that got canceled this year. We really look forward to seeing you guys in the future!

What’s your favorite Japanese Movie?

RiRi: “Spirited Away” and other Miyazaki movies are my all-time favorite!

LuLa: “Princess Mononoke” is my fav.

What do you like to do when you have a break from recording music and performing? (Not including sleep.)

LuLa: I like to lay in the sun. Just to chill is the best.

RiRi: Working out is my thing! Gym or no gym, it doesn’t matter! Can always work at home.

What do you want fans to know about this album?「404 Not Found」

LuLa: Thank you for waiting for a long time! And I think it was really worth the wait. Hope you guys enjoy it.

RiRi: Welcome to FEMM’s new vibes. I see it as a little grown-up FEMM. We wanna know what your fav is!

Check out FEMM‘s new EP 「404 Not Found」and Double A-side single ‘Level Up’ / ‘Summer Dream, it’s out now! And available on all streaming platforms. We want to give a special thanks to FEMM and Avex Entertainment for interviewing with us.

FEMM + Duke of Harajuku

Double A-side single: ‘Level Up’ / ‘Summer Dream’

Listen: https://femm.lnk.to/LevelUp_SummerDream

Release date: November 6, 2020

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  1. Level Up feat. Duke of Harajuku’ (producers: Star Boy / Loesoe / Radical Hardcore Clique)
  2. ‘Summer Dream feat. FEMM (S+ Ver.)’ (producers: Aztro Boy / Radical Hardcore Clique)

EP: ‘404 Not Found’

© FEMM / Avex Inc


Release date: November 20, 2020

  1. ‘Sit Down’ (producer: HABANERO POSSE)
  2. ‘Bury Me (with all my $$)’ (producer: YUA)
  3. ‘Peach’ (producers: Danny L Harle / Radical Hardcore Clique)
  4. ‘Play By The Rules’ (producer: Diana Chiaki]
  5. ‘Boss’ (producer: KM)
  6. ‘Level Up feat. Duke of Harajuku’ (producers: Star Boy / Loesoe / Radical Hardcore Clique)







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