Jay Park donates $5,000 to the victims of Hurricane Harvey

One of the first and only Kpop Celeb to do so.

On September 1st Jay Park made a donation of 5,000 dollars to a gofundme for the people affected by Hurricane Harvey. The Hurricane affected many people in Houston, Port Arthur, The Woodlands, and many other parts of Texas. It’s named as one of the worst natural disasters in America’s history. He made a post on Instagram asking others help donate as well saying…

Jay Park-  https://www.gofundme.com/traethatruthweareonehurricaneharvey
@traeabn is really try to help the ppl Respect and Salute. Make sure you lend a helping hand if you can spread the word”

I commend Jay Park for doing this because he’s one of the only Kpop/KHipHop celeds to mention let alone donate to any organization.  In Honor of the people of Houston, we thank you for your generosity Jaebum.


If you would like to donate, there are many of organzations to choose from. Don’t donate to the red cross and Femma. I guarantee the money will not get to the victims. Beyonce has a great one called “Beygood” and there’s one from a local youtuber I know. He’s Phil from the advise Show. He’ll make sure the money goes to the people. I’ll post some links below.

Advise Show Houston Flood Relief Fund


Beyonce | Beygood Foundation


WE ARE ONE! Hurricane Harvey Relief (The One Jay Park Donated To)


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