Knetizens rave about JungKook’s song “SEVEN”

On July 14th, the BTS member released his highly anticipated single “SEVEN” featuring the rapper Latto, and Knetizens are raving about it.

A day after the song’s release, a YouTube channel uploaded the explicit version of the song with the MV and Korean subtitles.

The Knetizen’s comments were fairly positive, with some saying, “Jungkook’s real voice seems to be optimized for pop. If he released an album, it should be a pop album.”

“Jungkook has a special talent for singing pop songs in a charming and delicious way. He really nailed it with this song, and the music video is so entertaining that I can’t stop watching it.”

“I’ve felt this way for a while, but after listening to this new song, I’m convinced that Jungkook has incredible potential to become a successful pop star even as a solo artist abroad. His vocal tone alone captures half of the audience’s attention. Wow!”‘

“Wow, the interpretation of the music video is truly amazing! It’s not just a simple video about consoling an angry lover; it goes much deeper. The female lead is living a tough life, pushing away everyone because of it, but the male lead is saying, “I’ll be by your side, I’ll walk with you in your world.” The first lyrics, “You carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders,” were also included in the music video. That’s so touching! 😭😭😭”

“It sounds like Jungkook has a unique voice with a hint of R&B vibes, and his tone is well-suited for pop songs. His pronunciation is excellent, and the way he sings with a smooth and soothing quality makes it easy and enjoyable to listen to. This is one of the reasons why he has fans who appreciate him even beyond his distinctive voice – the comfort and relaxation his singing brings while listening are truly wonderful.”

Currently, Jungkook’s song is topping the charts, becoming the fifth song to surpass 20 million first-day streams on the Spotify platform. It has also reached number 1 in 100 countries on Itunes, setting a new record for the fastest song to achieve this feat in just over 2.5 hours. Not only has Jungkook been breaking records, but rapper Latto has also achieved some great feats, becoming the 6th rapper in history to have a song go #1 in 100 countries on Itunes.

Check out SEVEN below!


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