Krazy K-Pop Super Concert’ Reveals New VIP Package

Today, Pulse Events, the company known for their renowned events bringing global music to New York, announced their new VIP package offerings for the upcoming ‘Krazy K-Pop Super Concert’. The inaugural K-pop music event is coming to UBS Arena at Belmont Park, located 30 minutes from Penn Station or Grand Central via LIRR, on Saturday, August 26. Previously announced artists are SHOWNU and HYUNGWON, who will officially perform their comeback as a unit of K-pop supergroup MONSTA X, alongside girl group IVE, boy group AB6IX, soloist Kwon Eun Bi, and boy group CRAVITY.

JRE (Just Random Everyday), the wildly popular content creator best known for his light-hearted take on K-pop culture and music has been added as the evening’s on-stage host. The gaming enthusiast and social media sensation developed a passion for creating his comically relatable videos, launching his YouTube channel JREKML back in 2011; quickly becoming the go-to source for K-pop. Offering a unique blend of humor, creativity, and authenticity that quickly gained a loyal following of over a million subscribers that come along on his everyday experiences and adventures. From funny anecdotes to personal challenges to connecting with a wide audience with his genuine personality, JRE has become a beloved figure in the community, also growing into philanthropy. Aside from aspiring other content creators and fans alike, he has interviewed some of today’s biggest acts including ATEEZ, NCT 127, DPR IAN, and more.

The VIP Krazy Fan’s newest offerings include a quick meet-and-greet photo opportunity with an artist, soundcheck viewing (Stagecheck), post-concert send-off, and some exclusive Krazy K-Pop merchandise. For the meet and greet photo, fans will get to choose one artist of their choice upon purchase and will take a photo along with four other fans within their shared artist choice. Meet and greet photos will be available to fans who purchase Packages A and B, and the send-off option is exclusive only to fans who purchase Package A. All the packages will come with a stage check, early entry to the venue, designated VIP check-in, and pre-door merchandise shopping. There will also be a send-off after the concert where fans who are Package A holders have a chance to say their last goodbyes to the artists on their way out of the arena.

VIP Package Offerings

VIP Krazy Fan Packages range from Packages A to C, with Package A containing all of the benefits of Packages B and C and more. The complete offerings for each VIP package will be listed below along with their respective prices.

VIP offerings:

  • Package A (All Inclusive Package) – $210
    • Includes everything from VIP Fan Packages B and C
    • Meet and greet photo of your favorite artist
    • Exclusive Fan Privilege: Artist Send-off
      • Please note that all Meet and Greet Photos consists of a group of 5 total
  • Package B – $150
    • Stage check
    • Meet and greet photo with your favorite artist group
    • Pre-door merchandise shopping
    • Early entry to the venue
    • Designated VIP check-in
  • Package C – $100
    • Stage check
    • Exclusive merchandise
    • Pre-door merchandise shopping
    • Early entry to the venue
    • Designated VIP check-in

Meet and Greet Photo Choices

Fans must choose 1 of the 5 artists for their meet and greet photos and they will then take a group photo consisting of 4 other fans (groups of 5 fans total) with their shared artist choice. Options for photos with individual members of any of the artist groups (aside from Kwon Eun Bi) are not available.

Artist Choices:

  • IVE
  • AB6IX
  • Kwon Eun Bi

o stay up-to-date on announcements surrounding this show-stopping concert, be sure to follow @krazyconcert on Twitter and @krazysuperconcerts on Instagram. For all information on Krazy K-Pop Super Concert, please visit All maps of the venue can be found here at


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