LE SSERAFIM FEARLESSLY Steps into the kpop scene with their debut Mini Album “FEARLESS.”

Source Music and HYBE Entertainment’s highly anticipated group officially made their mark on the kpop world on May 2nd with the song and mini-album “Fearless.” To no one’s surprise, the song caught the attention of kpop fans and music lovers alike, making LE SSERAFIM a hot commodity. The girl’s MV has racked up over 61 million views on youtube, and their EP sold over 300k copies in the first week of its release. These fearless girls are definitely on the rise.

  1. The World Is My Oyster
  2. FEARLESS (Our Fave)
  3. Blue Flame (Our Fave)
  4. The Great Mermaid
  5. Sour Grapes (Our Fave)

The album in question features five tracks, “The World Is My Oyster,” “Blue Flame,” “The Great Mermaid,” and “Sour Grapes,” with fearless as the lead track. Fearless is a hard-hitting anthem about fearlessly taking control of their dreams and goals in life.

The song has a very relatable tone with a solid empowering message. This message, I believe, is needed for new and old music fans hoping to take hold of their dreams and goals in life. At times music can be the driving force in how the youth gets inspired to create something great, and LE SSERAFIM’s current project is inspiring.

Check out their new album and MV below!

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