LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Shares her skincare routine for Vogue

Vogue has a video series on YouTube where celebrities showcase their skincare routines, and Sakura was featured in the latest installment of the show.

The singer begins her skincare routine with a toner called ‘PRIMERA Hydro Glow Treatment Essence.’ Sakura mentions that she uses this item in the winter because she has dry skin and usually applies it before going to bed.

Next, she applies a serum containing Vitamin C and retinol called ‘Primera Youth Radiance Vitatinol Serum.‘ She then uses a face roller, stating that it should be used after applying serum to help absorb the product into the skin.

Moving on to her next step, Sakura uses a very light skin cream called ‘Primera Organience Barrier Repair Hydration Cream Emulsion‘ and recommends it for morning use.

For her final skincare steps, the singer uses a face cream, ‘Primera Youth Radiance Power Moisturizer,’ which she uses due to her dry skin, and a lip balm, ‘Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment.’

As the video progresses, she begins applying her makeup, which you can watch below! We’ve also included links to the products used.



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