LISA gets viciously attacked online by Toxic Armys because of a Spotify mess-up “ARMYS APOLOGIZE TO LISA” Trends

After Spotify released their 2022 Wrapped, the streaming platform made a post saying that BTS’s Jungkook was the most streamed K-Pop solo artist of 2022. However, there must’ve been a glitch in their system because on Dec 1st Spotify made a new post saying that they made an error and that Blackpink’s LISA is actually the most streamed K-Pop soloist of 2022.

The news sparked outrage among Armys causing some toxic supporters to begin making misogynistic, xenophobic, and slut shaming comments toward LISA, the most streamed Kpop Artist of 2022.

They even went as far as to attack Lisa on her personal Instagram.

Soon after BLINKs began firing back at the toxic Armys, making the hashtags “ARMYS APOLOGIZE TO LISA” and “SPOTIFY APOLOGIZE TO BLACKPINK” trend worldwide.


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