Momoiro Clover Z performs ‘MONONOFU NIPPON’ with Tomoyasu Hotei in epic 15th anniversary tour!

Beloved Japanese pop outfit Momoiro Clover Z today shared a live video on YouTube of their latest single “MONONOFU NIPPON” featuring celebrated guitarist Tomoyasu Hotei from the August 6 Tokyo show of their 15th anniversary nationwide tour.  While the four members engage in intense combat-style

choreography and an electrifying display of dynamic dance moves on the stage, the video also captures the fans energetically responding to the performance with the most renowned idol chant “Urya Oi” or the one derived from the single, “NIPPON! PO PON! PON! PON! PONIPPON!.”

With the fans’ vigorous response, the song truly represents what a Momoclo-style fight song looks like. The group’s much-anticipated single’s live video follows the recently released music video released on August 17, where the Momoclo symbolizes their solidified theme of “bringing Momoclo-style entertainment, proudly made in Japan, to the world!”

The group also left a message for their international fans!

To watch the live video, please visit, or visit to check out Momoiro Clover Z’s music video for MONONOFU NIPPON feat. Tomoyasu Hotei.