Mushvenom Travels to the Metaverse in His New Futuristic Music Video Release

The highly anticipated music video for Mushvenom’s title track, “SPACE MUSHIP” (the album title) has been released today on all digital streaming platforms. With high-energy anthems and high-octane drops and verses, the full-length project exhibits a unique futuristic style unlike any other.

In his new music video, Mushvenom stars in an out-of-this-world retro space galaxy. This video shows an eye-catching universe of planets and extraterrestrial beings, engulfing viewers in a cutting-edge Metaverse world that perfectly conveys the chic and trendsetting energy Mushvenom effortlessly incorporates into his music.

As part of the video’s divergent undertones, Mushvenom wears a variety of cosmic-inspired clothes in metallic colors and cyber-like materials, creating an atmosphere of novelty and curiosity throughout. With visionary spaceships and extraterrestrials playing key roles in the ideology, it captures a mix between Star Trek and 2001: Space Odyssey.

Continuing in the setting of a mind-blowing, metaverse galaxy, Mushvenom is without a doubt highlighted as the leader of the space empire and surrounded by his extraterrestrial “fans,” as  constant otherworldly backdrops keep the audience watching astonished with each scene.

With the elements of futuristic design, extraordinary settings, and the mysterious space atmosphere, Mushvenom’s introduction to the Metaverse captures his innovative, unprecedented approach to rap. His quest for other galaxies is just the beginning of Mushvenom’s Metaverse.

Lee Tae-min, professionally known as Mushvenom, has starred in the Korean Hip-hop scene since 2019 from his striking performances on hit Korean TV show “Show Me The Money.” He is an independent artist who’s collaborated with other well known Korean artists such as the composing duo GroovyRoom, rapper JUSTHIS and Korean superstar Jessi. He has over 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify which is supported by his strong social media presence that shares his every move to his enraptured fans.

Check out Mushvenom’s new MV below!


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