OnlyOneOf’s Came Back Stronger than Ever Before

On August 27, 2020, OnlyOneOf released a mini-album along with an MV for the refreshing title track “a sOng Of ice&fire”.

OnlyOneOf debuted on May 28, 2019, under 8DCreative as a seven-member team. The group consists of members: KB, Love, Rie, Yoojung, Junji, Mil, and Nine.

On Arirang, Love mentions that,

“Our team name ‘OnlyOneOf’ stands for becoming the only one to someone. We want to become the only one to our fans.”

Here is a look into each member of OnlyOneOf:

Love: (Park Jisung) The leader as well as the main vocalist.

KB: (Shin Kyubin) The lead rapper and vocalist

Rie: (Lee Sungho) The lead vocalist and lead dancer.

Yoojung: (Lee Taeyeob) The main dancer and vocalist.


Junji: (Kim Junhyung) The lead vocalist and lead dancer.


Mill: (Lee Yongsoo) The main rapper and vocalist.

Nine: (Jung Wookjin) The vocalist as well as the maknae.

The group’s official page on Twitter posted a video of a guide to the group that fans can refer to.

Their latest album, “Produced By [ ], Pt.2” consists of three modern pop songs that leave fans only quenching for more.

  • blOOm
  • a sOng Of Ice and Fire
  • Off angel


“a sOng Of Ice and Fire” is certainly a song unlike any other. With its cool beats, distinct choreography, and impressive visuals, this song brought an alternate, powerful impression to OnlyOneOf.

The MV reminds me of an adventurous YA novel where the 8 teens are on a mission to save the evil madmen. As if I have traveled to some dystopic futuristic realm where floating neon cars and shady bounty hunters exist, OnlyOneOf has created a creative story within a captivating song itself.

The visuals, the vocals, the rap, the choreography, the whole video itself is something of a creative masterpiece. More people need to know about the talent of this underrated group!

This rookie team is definitely going places. They have so much energy and so much potential that their undeniable talent cannot go to waste!

Check out the MV below and see for yourself what your missing out on!