Pentagon Releases Full Track of Their OST “Twenty-Twenty”

For Twenty-Twenty watchers, finally we have the full-length track of Pentagon’s OST ‘Twenty-Twenty!’

On September 16th, the music video for the song released on Youtube and NAVER VLive. The track itself was shared on multiple music platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and more! Viewers of the drama only heard short snippets of the song at the end of every episode, so it’s a gift to be able to hear the catchy song in full.

The track was composed by Nathan and Pentagon member Kino. Kino also participated in writing the lyrics along with fellow group mate, Wooseok. The song is about being at the ripe age of 20 and finding your own freedom from all the restrictions in life.

The web-drama, Twenty-Twenty, stars Up10tion’s Kim Wooseok, Han Sungmin, and Park Sangnam, Jin Hoeun, Chae Wonbin, and A.C.E.’s Chan. The drama follows young adults that face the harsh reality at the age of 20. Lee HyunJin (Wooseok) and Chae Dahee (Sungmin) cross certain lines and tackle the cruel world together. You can watch the web-drama on Playlist Global’s Youtube or NAVER VLive.

Watch the music video for the OST here: