PENTAGON Shows a new side of themselves with “IN:VITE U” Album

After a ten-month hiatus, PENTAGON has returned with their 12th Mini Album, “IN:VITE U.” The meaning behind the title is “that ‘PENTAGON invites you to a new world, where a new definition of love is unfolded.” As they discover this new love, the boys hope to show fans how much they’ve grown and will continue to grow together.

The album aside, their lead track “Feelin’ Like” is a melodic Pop, R&B infused song, where musically, PENTAGON reveals a new side of themselves. Their unique sound presented through “Feelin’ Like” is highly addictive and built on heavy beats, trendy melodies, and charming vocals. Significantly, the members(JINHO, KINO, and WOOSEOK) who participated in writing the lyrics for “Feelin’ Like.”

During the boys’ media showcase, JINHO explained that the song is based on Greek mythology. “This song is based on the story of Galatea, the statue of the awakened Pygmalion in ancient Greek mythology” – JINHO. In addition, fellow member Yuto spoke about the song being heavily addictive. “The more you listen, the more addictive the song becomes.” – Yuto.

Adding to the albums’ authenticity. Each track was written and composed by PENTAGON members and genuinely illustrated their diversified musical colors and in-depth stories of their growth as artists.

Check out Pentagon’s new MV Feelin’ Like and photos from their media showcase below!


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