(Press) GOT7 2018 WORLD TOUR | Houston

On July 8th Got7 wowed fans with their EYES ON YOU tour stop in Houston. The day started with fans from all walks of life standing in line, at the legendary NRG stadium.

While at the venue we were shocked to see a long line of fans waiting for their chance to see Got7. When we talked to an NRG employee they mentioned that people tried to camp out the night before, but were turned away lol. We asked a few fans how they started listening to Got7’s music. Many of them mentioned they discovered the group through Youtube! As the day moved forward we finally entered the venue. Inside was a very rustic and spacious environment, filled with vintage posters of past artists that also stood on that exact stage.

Throughout the show there were many memorable moments. One included a short video of got7 expressing their love for Ahgase’s and how they’re very thankful for them. Another would be the small part of the show when the boys gave Individual speeches. My favorite had to be Bambam’s. He talked about not listening to haters and how we should use the energy we give at these concerts in our daily life.

The boys sang a lot of our favorites like Never Ever, Stop Stop It, and they even did a remix to Girls Girls Girls. Got7 also did a few subunit stages. Two of the most memorable ones were Jinyoung and Bambam, and Yugyeom and Jackson’s. Overall Got7 had an amazing connection with the fans and made the night one no one could ever forget.


Sarah is the founder and content manager of TokkiStar. She has been a K-pop fan since the age of 13 but began as a J-pop fan at 11. Some of her favorite groups include SHINee, Wonder Girls, Red Velvet, SVT, WJSN, NCT, Day6, The Rose, and SNSD. She is currently anticipating the day Pristin reunites.