SF9 Wows Fantasies In Dallas!

SF9 gave an outstanding performance for their stop in Dallas

The show started with them singing some of their greatest hits; I’ll be honest here and say I knew only one of them. As the show progressed, I realized that SF9 was more popular and talented than I thought.

Their performances were truly breathtaking. I was shook when they started making all these acrobatic dance moves. I’d never seen a kpop group do something like that.

Their fans came from all walks of life to see them. When we asked fantasies where they were from, some said Waco, Houston, and even China!

Some highlights of the event would be when the boys answered fan’s questions and played games. Fans even got a chance to go on stage with SF9. Another highlight would be their fanservice! I must say SF9 has some of the best fanservice I’ve seen in a while!

Overall, SF9 gave a performance their fans are sure to remember for a lifetime, and I was very thankful to have a chance to see them!

Check out some footage and photos from the event! Special thanks to SubKulture Entertainment for inviting us as press! You’re the real MVP!



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