Shaun and R&B Star Yuna Release Their Collaboration Single “So Right”

LAS VEGAS – February 24, 2022 – Singer-songwriter Shaun has today released a special collaboration single. Shaun’s first collaboration single with pop Star Yuna titled “So Right” was released today, Thursday, 24th February 2022, at 6 p.m. KST.

“So Right” is a song that teases the emotions of “love at first sight” and the butterflies that come with those feelings. Shaun was in charge of the overall production, composition, and arrangement of the track. Yuna also participated in the composition, while coming up with the lyrics and narrative to drive this production home.

Asia’s leading artist Shaun and Yuna met last October in a studio in LA and started their musical exchanges. Since then, they have continued to communicate steadily from their respective countries and today have released their joining masterpiece.

Shaun’s voice is strongly depicted through sensuous beats and deep sounds complemented with the snare, finger snaps, and kicks. In addition, Yuna’s soft vocals captivate listeners on top of the fascinating guitar sound, completing the sensibility of “So Right.” A beautiful creation by both artists, expressing the rollercoaster of emotions perfectly, the high energy, the warm fuzzy feeling, confusion, and sensuality.

Yuna is a global top singer-songwriter representing hijabsters, a compound word between hijab and hipsters. She is receiving enthusiastic support from the MZ generation, actively expressing modern women’s images beyond the image of a traditional Muslim woman.

In particular, the collaboration was based on multiculturalism, a mission that the Record Label UEG (Unbound Entertainment Group) strives for, hoping to contribute to developing perspectives on Asia around the world through the emergence of Asian Americans.

Photo Credit Unbound Entertainment Group 


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