Shaun to Release New Single in Collaboration with singer Yuna

With K-R&B & KHipHop beginning to make waves worldwide, we’re bound to see more and more overseas artists collaborate with musicians from the ever-growing genre. One upcoming collaboration you should be excited about is between R&B artist Yuna and renowned South Korean DJ and musician Shaun.

The two are coming together to create a song that will capture your attention. Yuna will be working on the lyrics and topline, while Shaun will be a producer on the track.

When asked about their collaboration, the artists mention that they’re “excited and eager” to work together. In addition, not only are Shaun and Yuna established musicians with many hits under their belt. They’re both verified on Spotify and have large followings and millions of streams.

Yuna has 1,537,046 monthly listeners at the time of writing. Two of her most popular songs include “Crush,” with over 82M streams, and “Lullabies,” with around 8.5M streams.

Shaun has 3,148,877 monthly listeners on Spotify, with his most famous hit being the single “Way Back Home”.

To date, the song has amassed 231M+ streams on Spotify alone. The unexpected breakout hit took the artist to new heights and solidified Shaun’s place in the music industry.

For more information about Yuna and Shaun’s collaboration, check out their social media accounts!


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