Stray Kids Releases Music Video for the Song “Ex”

On September 14 of last week, Stray Kids released the album “In Life” along with the music video for the title song “Back Door”, which has awed fans. The intricate choreography, the vocals, and intensity of the video itself have made this song a big hit with over 41 million views on YouTube.

The full-length album consists of seventeen different songs that range from energetic to sad ones.

The most recent Stray Kids MV release is a heartfelt and somber song called “Ex”. Upon reading on the lyrics, I got the impression that the track talks about being the bad person in a relationship. There is a universally famous saying that goes, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” This quote might be the main theme of this song.

When this bad person is with their lover, they never treated them right. They would claim to love him/her but was always the crazy guy who made the significant other constantly upset. Once this bad guy took advantage of what he got, he suddenly lost it all and now is remorseful but it’s too late. In ways, this song has a lot of deeper meaning than what is superficially there as if they are trying to console someone.

“Ex” certainly takes a 180 turn from their more upbeat song in the album “Back Door”, however, the addition of songs like this makes Stray Kids more unique than many artists out there. Stray Kids has always broken the barrier of music with their meaningful songs and woke lyrics. However deep the meaning holds, they always strive to get their music out there in the world in order to either console the heartbroken or unveil societies wrongs.

Listen to “EX” on YouTube below!