Tao Loses Lawsuit Against SM Entertainment

It was recently announced that former Exo member Z.Tao had lost his long lawsuit battle with SM Entertainment. Reportedly the Seoul Central District Court ruled to reject Tao’s lawsuit against SMENT

Soon after the news came out SM Entertainment released a snarky official statement about their win saying.


“On April 28, 2017, the Seoul Central District Court ruled to dismiss all of Tao’s claims against SM Entertainment. Due to this ruling all of his claims thus far have been officially dismissed. SM Entertainment is a leader in the globalization of the Hallyu Wave and Korean culture in general. We are glad about the court’s decision we want to share that we will continue to do business more actively in China and Asia. In addition, we will work towards having a more transparent nature with our entertainment contracts in the future. Not just in Korea but China and Asia as a whole.”

— SM Entertainment

According to Koreaboo, “The judge made a recommendation for reconciliation in September 2016, but both sides could not reach a compromise. The two sides continued to face each other with different claims regarding the duration of the exclusive contract, distribution of profits, and even claims of discrimination.”


So what do you guys think?


Source: Koreaboo