Twenty-Five, Twenty-One: To Watch or Not?

Young romance always seems to be bittersweet because attached to it there are the memories, the what ifs, and, of course, the heartbreak. If you want to watch a drama that will put you through a spectrum of emotions from screaming at your screen to giggling like a schoolgirl, I recommend Twenty- five, Twenty-one.

Twenty-Five, Twenty-One follows the love story of Na Hee- do (Kim Tae- Ri), a stubborn yet loveable high school student who has a passion for fencing, and Baek Yi-Jin (Nam Joo-Hyuk), a college dropout who is trying to navigate through life after a financial crisis hits his family and many others.

This refreshing coming of age story beautifully captures the experience of having a first love, the hardships of growing up, and navigating through adulthood. Each character faces their own hardships of life, and it is refreshing to see them keep going to achieve their goals in life despite the circumstances surrounding them.

It is realistic in a sense that life will not always be easy as we thought it would be, and sometimes life takes us through paths we never thought we would take, but that is not always a bad thing.

This drama was wonderfully written and directed. Every scene captured the emotion and the beautiful scenery. Twenty-Five, Twenty-One beautifully integrated comedy relief and the awkwardness of liking someone. I laughed in almost every episode and was filled with nostalgia of having a crush for the first time.

The soundtrack was also amazing and just added to the overall emotion and feeling. The reminisce of a first love and the joys of friendship. A favorite song that I would choose is “Your Existence” by Wonstein.

Overall, this drama became a favorite and one I know I won’t be tired of re-watching, and who knows, maybe I’ll add being a fencer to my list of careers I wish I can pursue, thanks to K-Dramas.