Twice Ends the “Ready to Be” Tour with a Bang in ATL

The highly anticipated “Ready to Be” tour, presented by Live Nation and JYP Entertainment, came to a close on July 9th, 2023, at Truist Park in Atlanta, Georgia. Fans, known as Onces, from all over the world, including Mexico, lined up early in the day, eagerly awaiting the chance to see their favorite group live.

Photo Credit: Live Nation (@livenation.kpop)

This tour has been on everyone’s bucket list, and it has certainly lived up to the hype. Selling out massive arenas in both the United States and Europe, the “Ready to Be” tour has shattered records and become the hottest event of the summer.

Photo Credit: Terence Rushin (@photorushin)

The concert kicked off with a bang as Twice delivered an electrifying performance of the English version of “Set Me Free.” The crowd erupted with excitement, and the energy in the air was vibrant. Without skipping a beat, they seamlessly transitioned into “Can’t Stop Me,” which had the entire audience singing along.

During “I Can’t Stop Me,” something magical happened. As Chaeyeon took the stage for her part, the crowd sang along with unwavering passion, almost overpowering the sound system. It was a remarkable moment that showcased the deep connection between the group and their dedicated fans.

The talk segment of the show featured Chaeyeon expressing her heartfelt gratitude, touched by the crowd’s rendition of her rap during “I Can’t Stop Me.” Solo performances by the talented members of TWICE were among the highlights, including Daehyun’s standout emotional ballad “Try,” which stirred a myriad of emotions among the audience. Mina and Momo’s highly anticipated performances were also showcased, and Jihyo thrilled fans with the announcement of a song called “Knightmare” in her upcoming solo album.

Nayeon, in awe of the incredible atmosphere, shared her thoughts, saying that the concert felt more like a festival than a typical show. She expressed her gratitude to the fans, mentioning how touched she was to see the sea of Onces’ lightsticks glowing brightly in the night sky, creating a breathtaking sight.

Photo Credit: Terence Rushin (@photorushin)

The second half of the concert was dedicated to TWICE’s popular hits, featuring a medley of titles like “Yes or Yes,” “What is Love,” “Cheer Up,” “Likely,” “Knock Knock,” “Scientist,” and “Heartshaker.” Each performance was flawlessly executed, captivating the crowd with the group’s signature energy and charm.

As the night approached its grand finale, the excitement reached its peak during performances of “Queen of Hearts,” “CRAZY STUPID LOVE,” and the iconic “TT.” The audience’s infectious enthusiasm and the venue’s vibrant energy made it an unforgettable experience.

Twice concluded the “Ready to Be” tour with a powerful encore performance of “Celebrate,” leaving the audience wanting more. The night was filled with unforgettable moments, from stunning visuals to heartfelt performances, all delivered with the love and passion that Twice and Onces share.

Photo Credit: Terence Rushin (@photorushin)

The “Ready to Be” tour has been an incredible journey for both the group and their fans. It has solidified Twice’s status as one of the leading acts in the K-pop industry, and their performances have left a mark on the hearts of fans around the world.

As the lights dimmed and the crowd dispersed, Onces left the venue with a sense of fulfillment, knowing that they had experienced something truly special. The “Ready to Be” tour may have come to an end, but the memories created will last a lifetime.

Check out photos from the show below!

Photo Credit: Terence Rushin (@photorushin)


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