VeriVery At Anime Matsuri 2023

Performing for the first time at Anime Matsuri, VeriVery created an atmosphere of fun and laughter alongside exceptional performances, ending the night with fans wanting more.

Fans were able to hear songs such as “Crazy Like That”, “Tap Tap”, “Layback”, “Undercover” and more. The setlist lived up to expectations, with fans enthusiastically singing along to each song. They were welcomed on stage with loud cheers and applause from fans waiting to see them perform. Opening with Hi-Touch, a few fans were able to say hello to each member and interact with them for a quick moment.

Performing along with them a local kpop dance cover group called BNDTKPOP prepared the stage with dance covers of songs such as “Shooting Star” by XG, “LALISA” by LISA, and songs from groups like Le Sserafim and StrayKids. Each dance cover was phenomenal and you could see how each member was excited to be there performing.

In between performances, the group interacted with the fans creating memorable interactions. A fan was brought up on stage to show his cosplay while the members asked him questions as to who his favorite bias is to which he amusingly responded “Kangmin” with the help of other fans. The other members jokingly reacted to his response which brought laughter from the crowd. Making this even more memorable, all members signed his badge pass as well.

 A lighthearted moment between the crowd and the group created a special moment for all. VeriVery also surprised the crowd with an anime-inspired dance that fit well with the Anime Matsuri event, with cheers and laughter exuded from everyone including the staff.

Throughout the event, fans were also able to leave meaningful messages to the group. Many fans from different age groups and stages of life were able to write down how much VeriVery means to them and to show their support.

Thank you Anime Matsuri for allowing us to experience an amazing event! and make sure you check out VeriVery’s latest album release “ Liminality”!