(INTERVIEW) XEED Talks about their debut, international fans, trainee days, and more!

Meet XEED a four-member boy group from South Korea making waves in the Kpop community for their outstanding dance moves and music. XEED is also one of the first Kpop groups to debut with members ranging from 26 to 30 years old. Today we’ll talk to the group about their fans, trainee days, and more!


Congratulations on your debut! Can you tell us the story behind your recent title track “Dream Land”?

DOHA: Thank you very much! Actually, “Dream Land” wasn’t originally the title song. The title song was changed and we prepared it less than a month before the music video shoot. There is a lot of regrets because it was a song that progressed in a hurry, but I am attached to it because it is a good song that makes me feel fortunate that it was changed nonetheless.

BAO: We only had 3 weeks to prepare the choreography. I finished the dance lesson three times and practiced hard… That happened. We did great. So, it fits better now than the music video. I think I’m doing better now.

RONI: The reason I chose this song out of all the songs is that as soon as I heard it! That’s what I thought “this is it”. And I made eye contact with Bao. Haha.

JAEMIN: At the time of the Dreamland music video shoot, we all slept together for the first time in a long time, but since we were together after a long time, we have had fun memories.

Millennial Kpop fans are calling your music and concept a breath of fresh air. What is your reaction to international Kpop fans falling so quickly for your music?

JAEMIN: First of all, it’s an honor for me to be interested in you even though we started late. I hope you continue to support us and love us a lot.

DOHA: The love I receive from K-pop fans abroad always feels amazing. There are a lot of differences between us, from language to environmental lifestyle, but in the end, music brings us together…I’m always curious and amazed at what they love about us because they feel love and support us. In the future, I’ll listen to the love of overseas fans. I want to communicate with you little by little.

RONI: I just want to thank you. If the fans are happy with their ears and eyes, I will be able to try anything.

BAO: Although I haven’t felt it with my skin yet, I will work harder and become a new wind!

Out of all the songs on your ‘Dream Land’ album, which is your favorite?

DOHA: My answer may sound a bit cliché, but I really like all five songs in this album. However, it changes slightly depending on the time of day. At the moment, “Just Like Now” would be the best song for the calm night air we’re experiencing during this interview.

JAEMIN: It’s a double title song called Mirage, and the song itself has a lot of sexy vibes, so I like it the most. It’s a song that I’m more attached to because I made the choreography myself.

BAO: The title song “Dream Land” is good, too. My second favorite song is “Mirage.”

RONI: I think it’s “Stargazing. I think we’re having so much fun while singing this song.

What makes XEED unique?

DOHA: We are a group formed by the members who didn’t give up hope despite numerous trials. With the fans who are with us, one by one, I’m determined to show you how I achieve it step by step. Please look forward to it!

BAO: It started with four people, not a lot of people. Everyone’s been through a lot. Because of that, my desire for this dream grew. I have a very good relationship with the members. I think it’s even more special because I’m more relaxed.

JAEMIN: The biggest goal of my life and my long-cherished dream was to become a singer, and I think it’s even more special that XEED members shared that dream.

RONI: I think it’s because we all have the same hearts.


Looking back on your trainee days, what advice would you give your younger self?

RONI: It’s not too late, so don’t linger around and challenge yourself more clearly and confidently.

DOHA: I think I’ve always lived impatiently and anxiously. Of course, I think that anxiety and worry eventually became a good driving force for me, but I think I’ll feel sad when I see Doha from my trainee days again, so rather than giving advice or saying anything, I just want to hug him and say it’s okay.

JAEMIN: All of these things have a meaning, so don’t give up, don’t be weak, and I hope you make your debut no matter what you do.

BAO: Besides rapping, I think it would be nice to practice singing more I also had better work out hard…!

As 2022 comes to a close, what goals does XEED have for 2023?

DOHA: It’s been a grateful year just to be able to be on stage in front of our fans, and in 2023, XEED will tour in large venues with 500 to 1000 seats as a solo performance.

Lastly, what would you like to say to your fans?

DOHA: Thank you very much for the warm love you send us. With that support and love as food, I will become a seed that grows with you, so stay with us in the future. Let’s draw a bright future together! I love you Greeny!!!

RONI: I hope we can stay together for a long time and make good memories together. Our Greeny, I love you.

BAO: Thank you for waiting! Personally, I don’t like to wait. I’ve been waiting for about three years to debut. But a lot of things happened. When BAO cameback again, I hoped you would welcome him. You did! Thank you so much for taking care of me. So that I don’t have to wait anymore. I’ll be the BAO of XEED who works hard. Please take good care of me!

JAEMIN: Dear Greeny, 2022  passed and 2023 has come. I hope all your wishes come true this year, so that only happy and fun things happen. I hope we can continue to make more sweet memories with XEED in good health. Thank you always and I love you. And everyone.

We want to give a special thanks to NATURE SPACE for giving us the opportunity to interview XEED!

Make sure to check out XEED’s debut EP album “Dream Land!”


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