Western and J Pop Songs/Concepts Kpop Artist Should Try

This list will be filled with Western and other international songs I think would be perfect for a kpop artist or group to sing.


Victoria Monét – New Love > Minzy

New Love is a simple R&B love song that I think would fit Minzy’s style and vocal range  very well.


St. Beauty – Not Discuss It > Red Velvet

Now hear me out, Red Velvet is always reinventing themselves through their RED n VELVET concepts. And I think “Not Discuss It” has a nice balance of hip hop mixed with R&B, that would make a perfect addition to RV’s Velvet discography.


Kiana Ledé – Fairplay (Acoustic) > Hyolyn

Now I know Hyolyn has released some amazing ballads before, but I’d love to see her sing a song that’s as stripped down and savage as Kiana Lede’s Fairplay.


Eric Nam > Daniel Caesar  – Get You


We already heard Eric dip his hand into the R&B world with his colab with Gallant and Tablo for Cave Me In. But I’d love to see him explore this side of music just a bit more. And I think Daniel’s Get You would match Eric’s voice well.


 NCT Dream > Left To Right – Marteen

NCT Dream is slowly starting to mature, and I think if they released a song like Left To Right. It would be the perfect transition track into older concepts.


KARD > Fiima – No.1

I would love for Kard to take a break from their tropical house tracks, and try to out a little something different. A track like Fiima’s NO 1 would be a small but nice change up for the group.


Twice’s fandom isn’t too fond of change. But I think if they released something like Faky’s Suga Sweet it would not only make the boy fans happy, but also the girl crush ones as well.

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Written By: S a r a h

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Sarah is the founder and content manager of TokkiStar. She has been a K-pop fan since the age of 13 but began as a J-pop fan at 11. Some of her favorite groups include SHINee, Wonder Girls, Red Velvet, SVT, WJSN, NCT, Day6, The Rose, and SNSD. She is currently anticipating the day Pristin reunites.