10 B-Sides To Add To Your Hype Playlist

Whether it is to go party out with friends or go the extra mile for your workout, the perfect song could be what makes or breaks the session. Granted, we are in a crazy pandemic right now that limits our fun in the sun, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting into the right mood. Use it for cleaning days, for exercise, for jam sessions, for anything! The playlist is meant to get you going and feeling light on your feet all year round.

Note: This will be in no particular order and is based on personal opinion.

Without further ado, here are 10 songs that will get you hyped up!


NCT 127 — Summer 127

The title alone is enough to know that this is a summer bop, and don’t let it limit you to only the hot season. ‘Summer 127’ is a b-side from NCT 127’s 3rd mini album, NCT #127 CHERRY BOMB. It is a high-paced dance track with catchy beats and insane vocals. It is an instant head-banger that would get anyone moving to its tune. It screams summer and a great song to get into the vibe, even in the winter time.



LOONA have given us a lot of b-sides that would be perfect for the hype playlist, but I would have choose ‘LOONATIC’ from their second sub-unit, Odd Eye Circle. The drumming and high-paced beats throughout the song is so addictive. Jinsoul, Choerry, and Kim Lip’s vocals in this song also adds to its distinct and catchy sound.


GOT7 — Teenager

An instant banger! From GOT7’s 7th EP, 7 for 7, the song showcases the group’s undeniable swagger. ‘Teenager’ starts off with smooth and pretty chill but once the chorus hits, that’s when you want to dance. It embodies such a hard-hitting vibe that would make anyone feel cool just by listening to it. Additionally, the song was helped composed by one of the members, JB, under the name Defsoul. A true GOT7 sound!


Chungha — Chica

The first soloist and someone who deserves to be on the list! Chungha has given us great summer bops such as Roller Coaster, Why Don’t You Know, and her most recent release, Play. From her 4th EP Flourishing, her b-side ‘Chica’ could be overlooked. Not only is it so easy to jam to, it has an empowering message attached to it.


KARD — Inferno

This list wouldn’t be complete without a song from the co-ed group, KARD. Ever since their debut, KARD has continuously given us some major bops! While majority of KARD’s discography deserves to be on your hype playlist, their b-side, Inferno, needs to be shed in the spotlight. This song is from their Red Moon EP of February 2020. Inferno, specifically, gives an intense and strong vibe with BM and J.Seph’s rapping. But, maybe don’t stop there and just add the whole EP into the playlist!


DAY6 — Dance Dance

This is the epitome of a feel good song! DAY6 released this solo track as part of their monthly project in 2017, then later added into their first album ‘SUNRISE’ (which then makes it a contender to this list.) Just as the name says, it is a song that would get you dancing the moment it starts. It is the song that would be perfect for summer festivals and get the whole crowd jumping around in excitement.


Red Velvet — Hit That Drum

Honestly, every song on Red Velvet’s second EP, Summer Magic, is pure serotonin with its upbeat and summery concept. ‘Hit That Drum’ just hits (pun intended) everything needed for a hype song. It has a catchy melody that anyone could sing along to and instrumentals that are perfect for a night club. Your head would be bopping to every beat of the song, the right fit for your hype playlist.


Triple H — Feel

Another co-ed group that has it all but was taken away from us too soon! ‘Feel’ is one of the three songs from their second EP, Retro Futurism. We gotta love how distinct and unique Hyuna, Dawn (formerly known as E’Dawn), and Hui’s voices are out of all of Korean music, and altogether, they create an addicting combination that makes you want to hear more from them. ‘Feeling’ is the perfect song to get you fired up!


BUCK (feat. punchnello) — WOODZ

The most recent release from the whole list, but still as hype as the rest! WOODZ, also known as Cho Seungyoun, released his first EP, Equal, on June 29, 2020, where this song comes from. This song is a unique concoction of rapid rapping and catchy beats that will get your head bopping. It is an absolute earworm produced by WOODZ himself. Talk about some talent!



You are terribly missing out if you aren’t giving Twice’s b-sides a listen! ‘Hot’ is from their 2019 EP, Fancy You. The EDM vibe this song gives off will get you dancing instantly. It is undeniably appealing! It is also the perfect girl anthem that would boost your confidence tenfold with one listen! Fun fact, Twice member, Momo, have participated in writing lyrics for the song! Thank you Momo and Twice for giving us this banger!


Those are 10 b-sides to add to your hype playlist! There are definitely a lot I missed while making the list, so comment with other catchy bops that would be perfect to add.