DJ Hyo’s Sweet New Single “Dessert”

On July 22, DJ Hyo released the music video for the song “Dessert” on musical platforms including; Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. According to SM Entertainment, the “new song ‘Dessert’ is a song of the jungle”. It’s pop rhythm and “..bouncing beat..”, makes this a song you can dance to all night.

Girls Generation, Hyo’s new song is a confection of delight with a spicy kick. The music video starts off strong with an eerie beat that catches the audience off guard but as the tempo gathers, the catchy beat slowly escalates making it a midnight bop.

The rhythm has a way of punching fists into the air despite the candied title being “Dessert”. This rebellious song seems perfect for a heroine fighting scene in an action packed movie. All the elements of sassiness, dominance, and strength is powerfully portrayed in this song as if it’s giving a round kick punch to its enemy.

Hyoyeon’s refreshing new single features rapper Loopy and (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon. These three unique artists have mashed a distinct energy in this summer vibed tune, “Dessert”.

SM Entertainment also states that Hyo will be on SBS Power FM on July 24th and 12:00.

If you haven’t already check out DJ Hyo’s delectable curation below.