11 Kpop Holiday Tunes Recommended by Our Subscribers to Enhance Your Christmas Playlist

As the holiday season is in full swing, our YouTube subscribers have curated a special playlist just for you to enhance the festive vibes!

f(x) – Wish List


At the top of our list is f(x)’s ‘Wish List,’ a lighthearted song that captures the warmth and joy Christmas can bring to new love.

Xdinary Heroes – ‘X-MAS’


Following that, we have Xdinary Heroes with ‘X-MAS,’ a Christmas tune reflecting on not being overly excited about the holidays and experiencing a bit of loneliness during this time of the year.



Featuring soft vocals and mellow rap verses, XG’s ‘WINTER WITHOUT’ is a gentle 90s R&B Christmas ballad about spending the holiday season without their significant other.

SHINee – ‘Colorful’


If you’re looking for an Xmas song to brighten up your holiday spirit, then SHINee’s ‘Colorful’ is just the song for you. The lighthearted song is dedicated to their loyal fans, expressing that with their love and support, they make SHINee’s life colorful.

JEON SOMI x BIG Naughty ‘Ex-Mas’


EX-mas is a complete Gemini’s groove, conveying a double-meaning message of wishing their ex a less-than-merry Christmas while also expressing a lingering hope to spend the holiday together.

TXT – Sweet Dreams


Sweet Dream is a melodic track capturing the essence of spending the holiday season with your significant other.

EXO – First Snow


As said in last year’s k-xmas list, Exo’s Christmas catalog could fill up an entire list, however, today we’d like to focus on First Snow. Although the melody may seem sweet, the song conveys a sad story of yearning to spend Christmas with a lost love and reflects on the difficulty of experiencing the holiday season without them for the first time.

Stray Kids – Christmas EveL


If you’re not in the holiday spirit, this anti-Xmas song is just for you. Stray Kids’ “Christmas EveL” questions why people act one way during the holidays and another after Christmas is over.

Cr: LEAlbum

Jimin – Christmas Love


Christmas Love is a heartwarming holiday song that reflects on embracing those childhood Christmas memories we had long forgotten as we became adults.

The Boyz – Christmassy

© Cre.Ker

“Christmassy” is a sweet song about wanting to rekindle a long-lost love, where being with them felt like Christmas every day.

TRI.BE – Santa For You

Santa For You is an upbeat song expressing the desire to fulfill all the Christmas wishes of the person you love.



Red Velvet X aespa ‘Beautiful Christmas’

Twice – Doughnut


ARTMS ‘The Carol 3.0

NCT 127 – Be There For Me’

JENNIE – 눈 (Snow) / Snowman Cover

VIVIZ (비비지) – ‘한 걸음 (Day by day

Wrapping up the list! We extend our gratitude to our loyal subscribers for their contributions, and we wish everyone a joyful holiday season. Also, check out our playlist filled with these songs and more!


Sarah is the founder and content manager of TokkiStar. She has been a K-pop fan since the age of 13 but began as a J-pop fan at 11. Some of her favorite groups include SHINee, Wonder Girls, Red Velvet, SVT, WJSN, NCT, Day6, The Rose, and SNSD. She is currently anticipating the day Pristin reunites.