( 3AM ) Late Night Thoughts: A Summer Kpop Ballad Playlist

The days in quarantine have gone by so fast! We’ve already lost count of how long we’ve been trapped in the house. For all of us, this crazy time has been strangely zombie-like. With nothing to look forward to and all our time spent within our homes, things sometimes feel a bit never-ending.

Today, I want to tell you that it’s ok to be sad. It’s ok to cry and let your emotions out. It’s ok to be selfish and think about yourself sometimes. So when you’re awake again at 3 AM because sleep refuses to overtake you, then listen to this playlist I made for you. Some days will undoubtedly be tough, but trust me, there is always a beautiful light beaming waiting for you at the end of the dark tunnel.

Here are 11 songs to include in your Summer Ballad Playlist: 

  1. Goodbye, fall                                    ROCOBERRY
  2. for lovers who hesitate                     JANNABI
  3. Love Poem                                       IU
  4. Wild Flower                                      Park Hyo Shin
  5. Good Old Days                                Jang Deok Cheol
  6. In a Long Dream                              CHEEZE
  7. Blue                                                  TAEYEON
  8. 파란 봄                                             Ailee
  9. SMILE                                              John Park
  10. First Line                                          Shin Yong Jae
  11. 위로                                                  Daryl Kim, Minsoo


It’s ok to cry; make sure to never leave your emotions inside you.

Soon this hard time will be over and you can be happy that you came out of it a better and stronger person.