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YUKIKA is a multi-talented artist from Japan who has gone from a kgirl group member to a whole City Pop queen. City Pop is a genre made famous in Japan in the 70s & 80s. It’s a mix of western Pop, R&B, and funk. Today we’ll list a few YUKIKA songs you should know.


Lovemonth is a sweet love song about being so smitten with someone that time stops, and all you can see is your significant other.


Yesterday is presented as a happy, upbeat song wrapped in a gloomy tale of lost love. Yukika sings about trying to hold on to a relationship that had lost its spark—and hopelessly trying to find the love she had for them when they first started dating.


Soul Lady (Seoul Lady) is a city pop song matched with an urban pop flair about Yukika’s journey to becoming a singer in Korea after leaving Japan to pursue her dreams. On her album “SOUL LADY,” there’s an intro track that features sounds of a train arriving at the station, which hints at Yukika’s arrival to South Korea.


YUKIKA introduced herself to the world with the quirky track that is “Neon.” It’s very reminiscent of the City Pop classic “Plastic Love by Mariya Takeuchi.” And is a perfect debut song for YUKIKA.


Unlike the message of wanting to keep a relationship alive, “Yesterday” has. Shade is a dark and blunt song about being the first person to end a relationship with no regret.

I could say a whole lot more about YUKIKA, but we’d be here all day. Check out YUKIKA’s music through a playlist we’ve created on Spotify.

Check out YUKIKA’s new song “Insomnia.”


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