6 Healing K-Dramas To Watch When Life Isn’t Going Your Way

For many of us, our path is more like a roller coaster than a cemented pavement. There were times where we would dip so low and scream non-stop and there were times where we felt like we were flying as we climbed our way to the top. There is no easy way to fix our expected mistakes and find our perceived happiness but we could always learn from things around us.

Here is a list of k-dramas that are sure to comfort and guide you on the trials and tribulations of life!


Let’s Eat

You know that feeling when you are so sick that your body parts are numb and the feeling of throwing up every half hour just curdles in your stomach but as soon as you take a sip of that steaming soupy chicken broth, things start to unwind in you. The twisting, painful sensation slowly starts to dissipate and is replaced with the warm feelings of your mother’s chicken soup.

In this show, our main characters seek food for their comfort. Some abalone for strength and maybe some ramen and pizza when you just need that junk food boost. The audiences are always left drooling for food and aching to replicate the heart-filling meals. Each meal that the characters eat embark on some type of nostalgic memory or emotion.

Food is one of the many ways of living and learning, and our main character guides us about how much love food can really bring us.


Because This Is My First Life

This life is your first one, and because it’s your first, what would you do?

Yoon Ji-ho is in her 30’s and has given up on a chance at love and thinks that maybe something in life isn’t meant to be for her. Nam Se-Hee has love as the last thing he wants to worry about because his finances and debt come first.

When these two opposites get into an accidental marriage, they learn that marriage is more harder then what it looks and less of fairytale then it seems. This show talks about blissful yet blinding love and second chances we give. Some moments are meant to be a battlefield scar in order for one to become stronger and wiser.

Everything about life is living in the moment and enjoying what you can to avoid all the regrets.

“Don’t worry too much. Just because you lived through yesterday, doesn’t mean you know everything about today.”


Wednesday at 3:30 PM

Did you know that a woman is least attractive on Wednesday’s at 3:30pm? Women look much older at that time and the word “pretty” is no longer in their definition.

Seon Eun-Woo just got dumped by her boyfriend but wants to get back with him. To make him jealous, she creates a fake instagram with her childhood friend. Everyday at 3:30pm, they take cute photos and post it on social media.

Yun Jae-Won, who is played by Hongbin from Vixx, lives with Seon Eun-Woo to make their scheme seem all the more real. However, what happens when these fake feelings of love start to turn real?

This is a cute love story that talks about how if someone doesn’t love you at your worst, they don’t deserve you at all.


I’ll Go To You When The Weather Is Nice

This is a drama to watch on a cold, winter day as you sit by the fireplace, cuddled in warm blankets and drinking hot cocoa.

There were moments in the show where we cried and moments where we understood our characters, deeply. To me, this show gave heavy “The Little Prince” vibes. It was slow but every moment was purposeful. Every scene held some type of comfort to the viewers; from the snow that slowly fell on the quiet, sleepy village to the warm relationships everyone had with one another.

Hae Won escapes busy Seoul and her bad experiences to the peaceful countryside and while living there, she learns a thing or two about forgiveness, acceptance, love and friendships.

Eun Seop says that even in the midst of family and friends, he is alone. He says that “..some people are just meant to be lonely..”. We all have our own personalities and our own outlook on life but sometimes instead of fixing it, maybe we should just sit and appreciate it.

Like hot coffee on a cold day, this show is sure to cleanse harsh feelings and comfort you during your hard times

“‘Do you know what warmth is?’ She asked me and I answered. ‘It’s when my cold hand touches your cold hand….and we both become warm.’ ‘ When loneliness meets loneliness…and becomes coziness.’ ‘When sadness meets sadness…and becomes happiness.’ When a cool breeze collides against another cool breeze….and becomes soft snow.’ That is what warmth is.”



Every episode of this show holds its own type of story. It talks about how precious life is and how every moment needs to be cared for instead of wasted. Like a piece of chocolate, it’s bitter-sweet and comforting.

Lee Kang, wanted to be a chef at one time but became a neurosurgeon due to his indifferent family. His raging feud with his cousin doesn’t make things any better. One day, he gets into an accident, and ends up working at a hospice where he learns a lot about how important it is to take everything one step at a time.

Moon Cha-Young becomes a chef because of Lee Kang but he doesn’t know it and dosen’t particularly like her. With each meal she makes, a warm feeling of ease submerges that takes to help those around her.

A raw look on life is something that a lot of drama’s don’t really show. However, this one unapologetically does, we are left with the conclusion that there are always people that look out for us even when we think there is no one there.

It’s ok to cry. It’s ok to allow yourself to escape. It’s ok to unconditionally love and give your whole heart to it.


One Spring Night

Would you be willing to overcome all the social stigmas for your relationship? A romance that blossomed with the spring, this was a beautiful story from start to finish.

“Instead of holding back to protect someone, wouldn’t you regret it less if you showed how far you’re willing to go for that someone.”

Lee Jung-In is in a four year loveless relationship with her boyfriend and when he asks her for marriage, she is reluctant. On one side, her narrow-minded father forces her to get married for his sake and social status. But she asks herself if this is what she really wants especially after her older sister got into a hasty marriage against her liking.

Yoo Ji-Ho is a pharmacist exploring his own difficulties in life until he meets Lee Jung-In. What starts as an innocent friendship becomes a frowned upon relationship.

Will Lee Jung-In be able to pursue a relationship with the man she really loves despite everyone being against it or will she succumb to the norms of society and risk being miserable.

I feel as if this show really delves into the idea of the risks we truly make in life. Sometimes we question if those risks are really worth it and second-guess ourselves a lot. Should we make decisions that we might regret for our happiness?

I think this show is the essence of doing what makes one happy in their life because in the end we are the writers of our own story.