7 Hidden Gem Webdramas You Should Watch For Yourself

Sometimes, you don’t have the time or energy to watch hour-long Kdrams, but you still want that kick of k-dramas. Luckily, more and more web dramas have been popping up online that the choices are endless. It’s the perfect thing to watch whenever you need something short and sweet to fulfill your needs! Many are easily accessible, too, while most can be found on either Youtube or NAVER V Live.

Of course, I could recommend you some web dramas that everyone has watched and enjoyed, but where is the fun in that? Sometimes, going down the rabbit hole that is the internet, you miss out on certain hidden gems if they never pop up in your recommendations on Youtube or wherever. I will give you web dramas that I thoroughly adored and think should be brought up more among drama-lovers.

Here are my 7 webdramas that you should definitely watch!

Note: These dramas are in no particular order.



Global Playlist has become a well-known name as it is the home of many web drama hits, such as A-Teen and Love Playlist. This older web drama deserves just as much love as the other ones! As a “Produce 101” fan, I honestly watched it first for Lee Sejin, however, I was swept up with its dynamic storyline.

In the power of love, youth, and music, “Yellow” is the perfect combination of all three. This drama is about four boys that form a band. We follow them through their rising journey as musical artists. I really enjoyed that we get background stories on each member, that way we can fully connect and sympathize with them.

Yellow deserved a second season!

Watch the first episode here:


3 Boyfriends (Boyfri3nds)

From Lululala Story Lab, 3 Boyfriends was a trip! A fun one at that!

The web drama is about Ra Hee, a girl who got into an accident and woke up with amnesia. However, the kicker here is that she didn’t wake up having one boyfriend or two, but three boyfriends!

From the get-go, the storyline had already caught my eye. Isn’t it a dream to have multiple handsome guys fight for your attention? While Ra Hee is living the dream, we all know she has to regain her memory and figure out the truth. Each episode will keep you wanting to watch more, and luckily you can binge-watch the whole series. The ending might actually surprise you too!

Watch the first episode here:


Big Picture House

This came as a surprise! I first wanted to watch this drama because I heard that N.Flying members, Seunghyub and Jaehyun, were a part of it. I wasn’t expecting too much, but I was ready for a
fun-loving, silly web drama. However, “Big Picture House” was much more profound than I thought!

From the Youtube channel, Big Picture Mart, Big Picture House is about five people who all had big dreams of becoming an idol, but have failed to do so. Now, these five people all live under the same roof. The drama conveys the message that experiencing failure shouldn’t be the end of everything. While the dream might feel like it ended, it doesn’t mean you can’t find another path to take.

It’s fun, and will keep your heart racing in some saccharine-sweet scenes!

Watch the first episode here:


Dating Class

This tvN D Story web drama is a bit more talked about between friends, but I thought I should add it to this list anyway because it’s just so good!

Dating Class is what you would expect from the title alone. The drama is about 6 college students who end up taking the same class that teaches you how to date. We follow the six as they learn the ways of dating and figure out their own feelings. There’s a lot of tangled love-lines that would keep the watcher confused to rooting for one or the other, but it’ll definitely keep you on your toes.

An added bonus is watching Fromis_9’s Gyuri, LOONA’s Chuu, and KNK’s Seoham act in one drama! Their chemistry together and with the other actors is fantastic.

Watch the first episode here:


My Woofy Poofy Love

This one popped up in my recommendations randomly after binge-watching a few other web dramas. It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting but once giving it a try, I was hit with a cuteness overload!

The drama is about an unlucky young woman, Ah Jeong, who’s in search of a roommate. Not only is she currently unemployed, but she had been recently dumped by her boyfriend in a coffee shop. To her rescue, a friendly and cute dog is there to cheer her up. But, the twist is… That dog is actually a shape-shifting man.

It’s a fun, modernized fantasy kind of drama. It’s such an easy watch that you won’t realize how many episodes you’ve zoomed through! Thank you to Studio DIA for making a guilty pleasure drama!

Watch the first episode here:


The Mermaid Prince

I got interested in this Lifetime-made drama, after finding out ASTRO’s Moonbin would play the lead. After watching his performance in the television drama, “At Eighteen,” I wanted to see Moonbin star in more acting roles.

The story is about a group of recently-graduated friends who set out to have a trip altogether. Our main leading lady, Hye Ri, meets the mysterious and cold Woo Hyuk while being horribly drunk. More misunderstandings and flourishing emotions ensue while the group of friends ends up staying in Woo Hyuk’s guest house. Are they in the midst of an actual Mermaid Prince or not?

This drama will drag you in different directions and keep your attention hooked! Plus, each episode gives an extra teaser at the beginning of every episode that makes you want to continue watching!

Watch the first episode here:


The Female Friend Among Guys

Cheeze Film has its own different vibe that separates itself from the other networks noted in this list. While they do focus more on high school romances, their dramas seem the most realistic.

The Female Friend Among Guys is pretty self-explanatory. It is about three friends, one girl and two guys, who have been friends since childhood. The three encounter a change in their friendship while a girl wedges herself within the group.

This series is a short watch, so you’ll be able to see the whole story unfold within an hour!

Watch the first episode here: