BÉBE YANA Talks ‘CHEMISTRY’ and the Evolution of her Style in Exclusive Interview

In an exclusive interview, we had the opportunity to speak with the talented solo artist BÉBE YANA about her latest release “CHEMISTRY,” the inspiration behind her music, and her aspirations as a singer. With a successful transition from being part of a K-pop group to establishing a solo career, BÉBE YANA shares her thoughts on the evolution of her style and sound. Read on to discover more about BÉBE YANA’s creative process, collaborations, and future plans.

Photo courtesy of A MASS CULTURE

Congratulations on your new release! Can you share the inspiration behind the song’s lyrics and the overall vibe you wanted to create?

BÉBE YANA: Thank you! My new song CHEMISTRY is a summer vibe club track that has a blend of Jersey kicks, hyper-pop sonic textures, and fun lyrics. I personally think this song really gives a sweet taste which is telling the person you like that you can’t resist my seduction, so taste it lol.

As an artist who has transitioned from being part of a K-pop group to establishing a solo career, how would you describe the evolution of your style and sound since then?

BÉBE YANA: It has been a long journey. I think the foundational idea of how I think about music hasn’t really changed. I was always triggered by new, experimental, fun sounds and since the trends change so fast, the details and the elements have also changed a lot. Now I’m at this point of more focusing on a lot of electronic, dance music.

What was the creative process like for your newest single, ‘CHEMISTRY’? And how did the collaboration with U.S. DJ/Producer AUS10, producer Cheno, and hyper-pop producer Chilloud come about?

BÉBE YANA: The CHEMISTRY project started off with a draft that I’ve had for a while. I wanted to go with a Jersey Club direction with this release so our team and I thought it would be perfect to work on with Aus10 who has been digging into this genre for several years. Cheno, one of Aus10’s friends, helped us out on the amazing bright chord progression. SHOUT TO AUS10 and CHENO. Within the process, I felt that giving a little bit of spice of hyper-pop texture would add a little more fun to the project. That was when I reached out to Chilloud and had so much fun together at the studio trying different things.

Artwork by Ema Gaspar


How do you approach the process of songwriting and creating music? What inspires your lyrics and melodies?

BÉBE YANA: Normally I get ideas from my daily life. It comes from books, movies, conversations, and especially random dreams. Making the melody is one of my favorite processes for song-making. It’s the that allows me to let my true self out, like fully. So, it’s the most honest moment that I have with myself.

What can fans expect from your upcoming projects or releases, and what are your goals and aspirations as a singer moving forward?

BÉBE YANA: I have so many different styles and genres I would like to try in the future. So I always try to listen and get inspiration from various genres. As an artist, my ultimate goal would be to give good influence and emotions to people who listen to my music. Whether that could be something that would make them happy, healing, or just having fun listening to my music. I want my music and content to be a gift to everyone who receives it.

Lastly, what would you like to say to your fans?

BÉBE YANA: Hope you guys all enjoy listening to my new summer track CHEMISTRY and hope to meet you guys very soon! Thank you so much for all the love and support always. LOVE YOU ALL!!

We want to give a special thanks to BÉBE YANA for interviewing with us and to A MASS CULTURE for giving us this opportunity. Be sure to check BÉBE YANA’s new single “CHEMISTRY” below!

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