(INTERVIEW) DAYNIM Talks About Their Song “GLOSSY LIPS” and Self-Expression

Daynim is a coed group based in Bangkok. They are known for creating beautiful blends of different genres creating unique and captivating music. On June 15th they released a new single ” Glossy Lips” from their second album titled “PSSST!”. Daynim talks to us about what inspired their song and their concept.

Hello! an you introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about yourselves?

DAYNIM: Hi, everyone! We are daynim, a group of college friends who makes RnB/Pop/Hiphop tunes for a lifetime of fun. We consist of 4 people; Pleng on vocal, Soe on vocal and guitar, Get on bass and synth bass, and lastly, Kan on vocal and drums.

“Glossy Lips” sounds like a fun song title, can you tell us the story behind this song and its title?

DAYNIM: We intended to recreate a scene from any classic high school rom-com movie many people grew up watching. There was always a moment when a main character tried to get dressed for a party. And you know, a teenager’s life is about experimenting and overcoming appearance anxiety. So, we believe that “Glossy Lips” and the fun of dressing up would ease them through.

I enjoyed watching the music video because it’s a fun concept. What made you want to take this approach for the music video?

DAYNIM: We all agreed that an animated music video would fit all my messages and complete the whole picture. Thanks to the incredible art team at YEEZAA, the video turned out to be perfect. It also gets everyone to pay attention to the deeper meanings.

In the music video there’s a school dance scene (s) and there are different outfits seen that perfectly reflects the quirkiness and coming of age vibes, what was your style/aesthetic like during your high school years?

DAYNIM: Since we all came from different cities quite far from Bangkok, there were not many options (for me, personally, Pleng). So, college years were the era we discovered the styles. It was switching from something simple to something brave and fun, merging into daynim’s current direction.

Because this song is about uplifiting and empowerment, what are ways that you guys show self-expression, confidence, and self-love?

DAYNIM: We express them through, of course, our changes in looks, our energy during live performances, and messages in our songs. 

If you were to describe this song in 3 words what would they be?

DAYNIM: Spot-on, Bold, and Energetic.

There is a blend of hip hop, pop, and RnB, how did you make them flow into a seamless blend that makes this song so catchy and unique?

DAYNIM: We have so many musical inspirations for this one including Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, and Victoria Monet. They are all known for being great producers themselves and they work with incredible crew. Thanks to our talented team and our producer Jim, this song became super fresh and catchy.

Special thank you to DAYNIM for taking the time to chat with us! Make sure to check out “Glossy Lips” and take a look at their music video below!