BTS Latest Release:

On Tuesday, June 14, BTS came back with an emotionally refreshing new Japanese album. Following their latest Korean album, “Map of Soul: 7”, this anticipated collection of tracks will have Japanese versions of songs that have been released before as well as music that have yet to be listened to.

This new album consists of 13 uniquely different songs that can possibly last us the entire rest of quarantine. Each song, with it’s own rendered story and comforting melodies will both bop heads and hug us during these bad days. Songs like, “Boy With Luv”, “Make It Right”, and “On”, have been repackaged with care to be showcased in the Japanese language. And, also included will be original songs, some already pre-released, that will awe audiences.

Here are the list of songs that will be included in the album:

  1. INTRO: Calling
  2. Stay Gold
  3. Boy With Luv ~Japanese Version~
  4. Make It Right ~Japanese Version~
  5. Dionysus ~Japanese Version~
  6. IDOL ~Japanese Version~
  7. Airplane pt.2 ~Japanese Version~
  8. FAKE LOVE ~Japanese Version~
  9. Black Swan ~Japanese Version~
  10. ON ~Japanese Version~
  11. Your eyes tell
  12. OUTRO: The Journey

The song titled “Your eyes tell”, written by Jeon Jungkook, was supposedly to appear on his mixtape, but that is just speculation however it was chosen to appear in this new album instead since it held such a positive response. This warm song will soothe aching hearts once listened too. Our Golden Maknae also got his chance to have his song premiered in the upcoming Japanese film, “Kimi no Me ga Toikakete lru”.

According to Spotify, BTS has said, “This song is about believing that the future reflected in the eyes will be filled with light even if the world is filled with hardships…”. This ballad talks about the meaning our eyes hold; that if the world is such a tiring place to be in, “…I’m always saved whenever I look in your eyes…”. This is a beautiful uplifting song to listen to on those cold nights.

Another featured song on this album is called “Stay Gold” that is written for people to understand the importance of our strengths and beauty. The idea that there are so many definitions of beauty and not just one needs to be appreciated because we are all beautiful in our own way and loving ourselves for who we are is essential. In Spotify’s “track by track” segment, Suga points out that “..this song is perfect for this moment where the world needs the power of positive affirmation…”

According to Spotify, BTS has said, “The theme to this song is about ‘hoping you don’t lose your shine despite the world not always being sunshine and rainbows’…”

One favorite is a song called “Lights”, that talks about presence. Together we can achieve what we may want and together we can get over our biggest hurdles in life. By never letting go of who we are and accepting that we can always make mistakes, getting through the darkness will be easier. Because of that, we can start to see the light at the end of this dark tunnel. If you haven’t seen the music video for “Light’s” yet, you can see it here.

The album also includes, “Intro: Calling” and “Outro: Journey” that completes this exquisite album like a present on Christmas Day. The album is available on Spotify so be sure to give it a listen!

If you haven’t already, check out BTS’s latest music video “Stay Gold”.