BTS’s “Black Swan” broke Adele’s once STAGGERING record

After V’s single “Sweet Night” reaching the record of #1 in 105 countries, BTS had risen to the top with their fairly new song “Black Swan”.

What was recently held by Adele for five years since 2012 with her top hit “Hello” has been broken by BTS! Their new single, that has only been released for six months, has taken over the charts!

With her worldwide popular, “Hello”, Adele had become the 1st artist to reach #1 in 102 countries. We all remember that beautiful heartbreak song in 2012 being the one that swooped the internet.

However, just recently, BTS has topped Adele’s record with more #1’s in 104 countries; the first Korean boy group to do so!

On January 17, 2020, the boys dropped “Black Swan”, a song that bopped heads and made us learn more about the group. We learned about their heated passion for music and their undying dedication to become something they are proud of.

Of course, we are overjoyed by this and could not help but think this all due to their hard work and devotion to their musical career.

As well, we must thank ARMY for being there for them, pushing them forward and allowing them to strive towards success.

Congratulations to BTS and to their many more future achievements!

If you haven’t already, check out “Black Swan” below.