Are you doing the #Maria Challenge?

Recently, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa came out with a refreshing new EP titled “Maria” and it has attracted attention from all over the neighborhood!

This new album is raw, honest emotion on Hwasa as her own person. the album gives a taste on things that Hwasa might have faced and how she overcame it. Her strength and her chic toughness are evident in her voice, moves, and music.

The title’s spicy yet fresh song, “Maria” talks about those who spend everything to bring a person down. However, she still rises amongst the hate because, in the end, the story’s main lead is you.

The fun song makes you jump from left to right as it energizes you with its comforting words!

Because it’s a dance-worthy aspect, Hwasa has created the #mariachallenge on TikTok! It’s simple for anyone to follow and powerful enough to feel and look strong.

The challenge has gotten everybody to get up and try it! Hwanwoong, Ravn from ONEUS, and Dongmyeong from ONEWE have shown off their energetic moves to the song “Maria”. Seventeen’s Hoshi and Woozi also took to show their support for Hwasa’s new bop.

Take a look at the idols that have been apart of the challenge right here!

Actress and singer Nauen ( ATeen, Sky Castle) as well as Actress Dahee (WWW, The Beauty Inside) refreshingly took to TikTok to try out the challenge.

Whether it was on Instagram or TikTok people have each tried to replicate the moves, each being part of the wholistic #mariachallenge wave. It’s fun moves and upbeat music would make anyone want to give the dance a try!

Now, the question is; have you tried the new challenge?

If you need some inspiration or want to watch how other people have done the challenge, you can find that here.

If you haven’t already, check out Hwasa’s “Maria” below!