E’LAST Talks about their music, hopes for the future, and more!

Meet E’LAST, an eight-member boy group from South Korea that made their mark on the kpop world in 2020 with the mini-album “Day Dream.” Today we’ll speak with the group about their music, hopes for the future, and more!

TS: What’s the meaning behind your group name E’Last?

Baekgyeul: The name E’LAST is an abbreviation of ‘Everlasting.’ It means we would stay with Elrings forever.

Seungyeop: The name means ‘Eternity’- temporal permanence, and ‘Infinity’- spatial permanence.

Can you tell us the meaning behind the title track, “Dark dream”

Romin: “Dark Dream” refers to nightmares. The lyrics talk about a relationship as toxic as a nightmare.

Wonjun: It signifies a toxic, complicated fate, manifested as a dark nightmare.

Is there a connection between your Mini Album’s Awake, Day Dream, and your latest release Dark Dream?

Rano: Day Dream – Awake – Dark Dream. They are all connected through a storyline.

Wonjun: Every album has a story of the past and the future being connected.

Romin: You may figure out the connection if you watch the music videos carefully.

Baekgyeul: If you pay attention to the various objets, our acting in the music videos, you could speculate it.

Seungyeop: Some of the clues in the MV are the clock, butterfly, door, red ropes, and chess. They are the objets that express the space, time, freedom, and conflict.


TS: Out of all the songs on your Dark Dream EP, which is your favorite?

Romin: Dark Dream, as it is the most magnificent and dramatic track.

Baekgyeul: I like Dark Dream as well. It is a sexy song.

Seungyeop: Muse. It is a sexy R&B song with unique beats and vocals.

Wonhyuk: I like Dangerous the most!

Choi In: I like To Lie the most. I think it suits my personal color and concept very well.

TS: How would you describe your music to somebody who’s never heard it before?

Rano: It has its own distinctive color. There are many elements that would please your ears.

Seungyeop: It is elegant, magnificent, and dramatic, like a musical. It is what only E’LAST could do.

Wonjun: Grand, epic, orchestra, sadness, and Saudade.

Wonhyuk: It has a wide spectrum of musical genres!

Choi In: It has its own unique musical color and fictional universe.

TS: If you did not debut as an idol, what kind of job would you have?

Rano: Youtuber, or a normal office worker.

Romin: I would have been engaged in the fashion industry.

Baekgyeul: I might have been an acoustic singer.

Seungyeop: Actor, or a businessman.

Yejun: A photographer.

Wonjun: I would have worked hard to be a CEO. Or a swimmer, since I used to like swimming.

Wonhyuk: I would have been a model, or a hair designer like my dad!

Choi In: I would have been a teacher, as I was enrolled in teacher training courses in university.

TS: What’s the secret behind E’Last’s great teamwork?

Rano: We understand and respect each other.

Romin: Our intimacy and diverse communications.

Baekgyeul: We respect and care for each other.

Yejun: We share two flats for residence. Also, we are always considerate for each other.

Wonjun: We love each other, and cooperate well. We try to have many conversations as we could.

Wonhyuk: We have practiced for a long time together, and we’ve been living together.

Choi In: The trust. We trust and rely on each other.

To me, E’Last is?

Rano: For now, my everything.

Romin: Not a DARK DREAM but a special, pleasant dream J

Baekgyeul: My no.1 priority!

Seungyeop: My treasure?

Yejun: For now, it is my name and my significance.

Wonjun: A key to connect with the fans, my future, and my treasure. I never want to lose or forget it even after death.

Wonhyuk: Another family.

Choi In: Family.

TS: What projects can we look forward to seeing from you in the future?

Rano: You would see many projects with various concepts, which would show our progress.

Romin: We will come back with amazing tracks, and keep uploading various contents.

Seungyeop: Many projects that could show our improvement and deliver happiness to Elrings.

Wonjun: Please look forward to E’LAST being active in more diverse fields.

Wonhyuk: Good music, nice performance, and our various charms! Please stay tuned.

Choi In: We will keep showing you our full-team activities, which many Elrings have waited for.

TS: Lastly, what is something you’d like to say to your international fans?

Rano: We are all in difficult times, but I hope we get over it soon. We are physically far away, but spiritually connected, right? Let’s be the strength of each other. Love you, and thank you so much!

Romin: Thanks for waiting for us. We are looking forward to the day we meet. Love you <3

Baekgyeul: Love you so much, and we hope to go meet you when the pandemic gets over. Please wait for us! We love Elrings so much.

Seungyeop: We would fly to you as soon as the situation gets better! Hoping to see you at concerts. We are so proud of you, you guys are our stars! Love you, Elrings.

Yejun: To dear Elrings all over the world, thank you so much. I hope the pandemic gets over soon and meet you guys in person!

Wonjun: I dream of performing in front of international fans. I would make that happen someday! Love you a lot.

Wonhyuk: Thank you for supporting us from far away. You guys are always in my heart! We always thank you and love you <3

Choi In: It is hard to express by words how much we thank and love you. Every day, we are touched and motivated by you guys’ love and support. We will try harder for you. Please stay with us, for a long time!

We want to give a special thanks to E’LAST for interviewing with us and everyone involved in making this interview happen.



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