Emily Mei Releases Latest Single ‘Mania (Where Them Girls At)

Multi-talented singer-songwriter-actress, Emily Mei, announced her single “MANIA (Where Them Girls At)” is out today, available now on all DSPs and streaming services. Supported by an accompanying music video, this is her second foray into creating new, original music, and is just the beginning of a deep dive into highlighting her versatile musical talents as 2023 moves forward. 

Listen here

With summer rolling in, Emily Mei packs in the heat with “MANIA”, complete with a full bass, clear vocals, rapid fire rap verses, and an unending supply of big boss energy. In a brilliant nod to her cultural roots, the song also showcases a unique, west-meets-east sound with the inclusion of Chinese instrumentation like the guzheng and erhu, adding a layer of complexity to the entire song. This self-made star reveals to the world once again that not only can she do it all, but she doesn’t need any help, singing, “Thank you, but no thank you, I can do it better.”

Paired with this girl-boss anthem is the equally stunning and incredibly empowered, cinematic music video. The scene opens to find the singer bruised up in an alley, with a pile of bodies at her feet; showcasing a hard-earned victory from simply being the best around. Others can try, but they just can’t beat her. Reminiscent of the grimy, iconic gangster films of old, our singer takes the spotlight as someone going off “like a maniac,” and reminds us all to “watch our backs.”

Photo Credit: Yuri Park

Mess around and you’ll find out just what’s in store, and from the looks of it, things will definitely get a little bloody in the process. Despite it all, our protagonist has no qualms with who she is, and if anything relishes in the carnage she can impart to all those who cross her, a beautiful combination of elegance, control, and power. What makes it that much more extraordinary is that this incredibly intricate video was shot over just two days, another testament to Emily Mei’s talent as not just a singer, but an actress, co-director, and producer as well.

Check out Emily Mei’s new single ‘MANIA’ below!


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