English Songs By Korean Artists That Are Way Too Good To Pass Up

With K-Pop’s growing popularity around the world, Korean artists have been diving more into creating songs with lyrics fully in English.

Plenty of English versions of K-Pop songs have made the scene, and are very well loved! A few great examples are NCT 127’s Regular, Red Velvet’s Bad Boy, TXT’s Cat & Dog, Wonder Girls’ Nobody, and many more. However, this isn’t what the article is about. I’m diving into songs that are originally made in all English (or near to all English.) Whether it was a collaboration or a special release, we have to give appreciate these songs so those of us that can’t speak the Korean language can sing along to our faves as well.

Here’s my list of originally-made Egnlish songs by Korean artists that you should add into your playlist.


BTS — Dynamite

This was a given! BTS dropped this song on August 21st of this year and I’m sure a lot of you have the song stuck on replay already! The song has a complete new feel from what we expect from the boy group. It has a disco sound that will surely get you grooving to the happy beat! And just as the lyrics says, it got “a little funk and soul.” It is such a feel-good bop that was perfect for the end of summer!


Sam Kim — Dance

Can we please give Sam Kim more love? His vocals are too beautiful to ignore and he released this bop within his debut mini album! I remember having this song on repeat after my first listen. Sam Kim is horribly underrated and deserves to be more known for his musicality, so here’s the not-so-shameless plug to get more into him. Plus, the song bops!


Monsta X — Middle of the Night

If I don’t add Monsta X into the mix, it would be an absolute travesty! Monsta X gifted us the ‘Middle of the Night’ single on December 6, 2019 and an all-English full album ‘All About Luv’ on Valentine’s Day of this year! Every song from ‘All About Luv’ would be perfect for this list, and I would still recommend giving the album a listen nonetheless! However, Middle of the Night has a special place in my heart with its smooth vocals and R&B sound.


Tiffany Young — Teach You

Queen Tiffany Young has granted us the pleasure of this break-up anthem, ‘Teach You.’ The song was released back in 2018 as her second solo single! The song was an instant banger to my ears and it’s incredibly empowering for all the ladies that gotten their hearts broken by cheaters. So ladies, give this song a go whenever you need that boost to stand up to the boy that did you wrong!


NCT Dream — Fireflies

This song came into fruition after NCT Dream were appointed the first global ambassadors of the World Scout Foundation back in 2019! This is just the perfect song to jump around and jam to (evidence seen in the video below). It’s such an inspiring and heartwarming song too that would instantly put a smile on your face.



This collaboration with Selena Gomez definitely caught me by surprise but is still more than welcome on this list! Having just released a month ago, the song took the world by storm and is about to hit the 300 million view mark on YouTube. This song gave us a whole new side to BLACKPINK that was refreshing but still had the girl-crush vibes we love!


SuperM — With You

I could have easily gone with ‘Jopping’ or ‘One (Monster & Infinity)’ with SuperM but I feel that With You deserves some love too! The song was first revealed to us during their appearance on ‘One World: Together At Home’ concert back in April. When the song released at that specific time, it felt like the song to soothe us during these tough times. Also, the boys acting cute doing their own activities in the video is such an added bonus!


Gallant x Tablo x Eric Nam — Cave Me In

I remember my Twitter timeline going crazy when this collaboration happened 3 years ago, and for very good reason! While this is Gallant’s song, all three of the artists balance and mix so well together! Additionally, this list wouldn’t be complete without Tablo or Eric Nam, who both could speak English fluently. Gallant and Eric’s voices contrast but work so well together. Along with Tablo’s smooth rapping, ‘Cave Me In’ was an instant hit amongst fans!


Do you have these songs already downloaded? Is there any songs I missed that are perfect for this list? Comment below and let’s share all these amazing songs together!