EXO-SC’s SEHUN Releases Solo Single “ON ME”

Today on July 9th, EXO-SC released the next track in their upcoming album, “1 Billion Views”. The music video has already been released on YouTube as well as Naver V Live to welcome EXO’s SEHUN’s first electrifying solo, “On Me”.

According to the company, SM, the song titled, “On Me” is a “ trap hip-hip song with rhythmic bass and intense synthesizer..” to create a powerful emphasis on the melody.

Bringing strong sounds is one aspect of the song but bringing a stronger message is another superlative factor. The meaning moves audiences with the bold and strong side we see from Sehun. The song talks about how each moment will ring with the desire to become better as it is always important to strive for the best.

A day before, Chanyeol released a solo song titled “Nothin’ ”, which is to follow the album’s setlist. If you haven’t watched the music video, you can watch that here

Sehun and Chanyeol participated in writing all of the songs that will be released in this future album. The album consists of nine unique songs, each with a colorful story of its own. This refreshing duo will turn heads when the album finally drops which only keeps us impatiently hungry for a listen.

Keep an eye peeled for the album’s release. The album is set to open on July 13 at 6 pm.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the “On Me” music video.