Honest Review: NOOB CON – N.Flying

As an N.Fia, it was only natural to go ahead and buy for N.Flying’s late-night online concert!

NOOB CON is FNC Entertainment’s online project meant for fans to enjoy as they get ready to sleep for the night. As of now, N.Flying and SF9 are part of this project. For both groups, they will hold two live performances, one made for Korean time and the second meant to cater to international fans. For Korean time, they purposely start the concerts at 10:11 PM as it is supposed to be from the English word “loll,” which means “to lie in a lazy, relaxed way.”

Within the NOOB CON package, fans will be able to watch both of the live performances. It will also include interview videos and a special video called “BOON CUT.” The NOOB CON is available to watch and purchase on NAVER VLive.

N.Flying held their first online concert July 25th, and their second will be held on August 1st. This will be an honest review on the first concert.

Spoilers ahead!


The Concert:

N.Flying walk onto the stage and begin their concert on a high note with their song, Sunset, from their 6th mini album, YAHO. It’s fast paced and would instantly get fans’ head banging. Wherever in the world you may be watching the concert, it will surely wipe the sleep from your eyes. The band kept up the momentum and continued to play more of their upbeat bangers. Some beloved title tracks included within the first half of the concert were Hot Potato, How Are You Today, Spring Memories, Rooftop, and more! N.Flying also included their newest release, Starlight, and their On My Way cover. The boys showed off great energy and teamwork through the first part of the concert.

After an hour, a VCR for Can’t Be Better begin, signaling a stage change. Once the song ends, the members return back to the newly-fixed stage while wearing more comfortable clothes perfect to sleep in. The pace completely changes for this portion, and fans will be able to peacefully relax in bed while N.Flying begin the next segment. The members begin this portion with a talk about their happiest moments and their future dream for the band.

N.Fias were also gifted with a new song named ASK, a sweet, acoustic guitar driven song made by member Cha Hun. The song is supposed to convey the question of feelings after a break up.

N.Flying continue their talk and discuss favorite lyrics of their songs in an ASMR fashion. It was followed with an acoustic, ASMR performance of Good Bam.

The concert then concludes soon after, but not without leaving one last gift to fans. The concert ends with a piano piece by leader, Seunghyub, as a lullaby to help N.Fias go to sleep.


Last Thoughts: 

As a watcher of the concerts, it was a fun concert that was perfect to end the night with. It was an interesting summer night experience that I believe is worth the watch! It does seem much shorter than expected as the concert lasted around almost 2 hours. However, I guess it would defeat the purpose of NOOB CON if it lasted past midnight for late-night watchers.

Overall, a very fun watch! It was basically a concert and an ASMR video rolled into one. I assume the second live concert will be with the same setlist and segments. However, that won’t stop me from watching again and within a time-frame that is meant for international fans.

Despite how different this concert was from their usual performances, N.Flying didn’t fail to show off their amazing musicality and goofy personalities.

For those who missed today’s livestream, you can still catch the August 1st concert and experience it for yourself! For more information on N.Flying’s NOOB CON, you can go into this link: https://www.vlive.tv/product/ds00u00u00000195.

If you haven’t already, check out N.Flying’s special digital single, Starlight!