(INTERVIEW) KARD Talks about their New Album ‘ICKY,’ Upcoming Tour, and More!

Meet KARD! The 4 member co-ed group that has been dominating our airwaves since 2016 when they debuted with the song “Oh Nana.” Their most recent release ‘ICKY,’ is an infectious and groovy song that perfectly embodies the distinctive charm of KARD.

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Today, we had the opportunity to sit down with the group and dive into their exciting new album, their highly anticipated upcoming tour, and so much more!

Congratulations on the release of your new album, can you tell us a bit about the song “ICKY?”

Jiwoo: – Thank you for your congratulations 🙂 ‘ICKY’ is a song that both existing fans of KARD and those who are new to KARD can enjoy, even for those who thought our previous style was predictable. It’s a song that reflects our hard work and determination, and you’ll be able to witness how much KARD has grown.

With a diverse range of genres in the album, including tropical Latin, hip-hop, and trap, how do you maintain a cohesive sound while exploring different musical styles?

BM: Because we all have distinct voices that contrast so well with each others, I believe that any record we release is easily distinguishable as our song.

Currently, you guys are gearing up to go on a world tour, what can fans expect?

Somin: We want to show that KARD will continue to challenge themselves without stopping. We hope that when people listen to KARD’s songs, they’ll think, ‘Oh, KARD can do this? They have songs like this? But they’re really good at it!’ We hope that everyone can immerse themselves in the moment and have a great time together.

Touring can be physically and mentally demanding. How do you maintain your energy and take care of yourselves while on the road?

J.seph: I tend to prioritize resting as much as possible. It has a significant impact on both mental and physical health. I choose not to push myself too hard and opt for methods that do not involve excessive travel.

Can you share any memorable or exciting moments you’ve had during past tours, and how do you hope to create more unforgettable memories during the ‘Playground’ world tour?

BM: For Playground 2023, we aim to give our fans the best versions of ourselves in every aspect possible. Our fans only deserve the best with the amount of love they give us. Playground 2023 is going to be where we repay that love back.

Somin: I can never forget the cheers and pure gaze of the fans during the tour. I sincerely appreciate our fans who wholeheartedly support us. I hope that we can connect with each other’s sincerity as we meet eye to eye, and our heartfelt emotions can reach one another.”

Jiwoo: The beautiful landscapes of each country, the wonderful fans, and the touching moments are all incredibly precious. I hope to engage with many people during this tour as well.

J.seph: It’s all about communication with the fans. I always try to make eye contact with them. They have been eagerly waiting for KARD, and when we finally meet, I want to fully receive their hearts.

Looking back on your trainee days, what advice would you give your younger self?

J.seph: I can guarantee that there is still room for growth, J.seph. Eat a variety of nutritious foods and grow taller!

Jiwoo: You need to put in much more effort than you think, not just in your own way, and decide on your post-debut dreams. Also, it seems like your skills are lacking, so don’t be afraid to debut early and gain experience. It’s better to debut early and experience it.

Credit: DSP Media

What do you want fans to take away from your new album “ICKY?”

BM: That we like to take risks and have fun while doing so. This album promotion is far from over. We also have CAKE which we will be doing another TikTok circuit along with performance videos.

Somin: I want to show that there are still infinite possibilities for KARD. I will continue to challenge myself with new things for the fans who love KARD’s music, and I want to pursue music until the end.

Lastly, what would you like to say to your fans?

BM: I’m always very vocal about how I feel about Hidden KARD. I really want playground to be where you feel our hard work and for me personally, I want to treat this tour as an expression of my love and appreciation for our fandom.

J.seph: See you soon as I’ll be coming to you soon. Thank you for loving me, and I want to convey that I have even more to offer. The messages of support sent from a distant land have become my driving force, and I have definitely felt the power that moves me. Thank you for the positive energy. ❤️

Somin: I am both happy and sorry for always receiving immense love from my beloved Hidden KARD. While making music and pursuing activities, I will do my best to repay that love and become a KARD who can give back the love I have received from Hidden KARD. I hope we can always be healthy and happy together.

Jiwoo: I exist because of you all. I will do my best to not let anyone down with the support and love you have given me. I love you all.

Check out KARD’s new album below!

For more information about KARD’s Playground 2023 Tour check the links below!

KARD’s 2023 ‘Playground’ world tour:

Credit: DSP Media

Ticket info:

06: Monterrey, Mexico
08: Mexico City, Mexico
14: Heredia, Costa Rica
17: New York, New York
19: Washinton, D.C.
21: Atlanta, Georgia
23: Chicago, Illinois
25: Louisville, Kentucky
29: Dallas, Texas
31: Phoenix, Arizona

02: Los Angeles, California
04: San Francisco, California
30: Budapest, Hungary

01: Madrid, Spain
04: Frankfurt, Germany
06: London, England
08: Paris, France

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