(INTERVIEW) Queenz Eye Talks ‘UN-NORMAL’ and Their Unique Charm in Exclusive Interview

Meet Queenz Eye! The rising rookie group in the K-pop scene, has been making waves with their latest release, ‘UN-NORMAL.’ This smooth R&B/hip-hop track is a perfect showcase of the group’s unique style and individual charm. With addictive hooks, powerful choreography, and a touch of jazz, ‘UN-NORMAL’ is a song that has captivated both fans and newcomers alike.

In a recent interview, the members of Queenz Eye gave us insights into the creation and inspiration behind ‘UN-NORMAL, and much more!

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Congratulations on the new release! Can Queenz Eye tell us a bit about the song ‘UN-NORMAL’?

Queenz Eye: “UN-NORMAL” is a smooth R&B/ hip-hop genre with an attractive combination of drum beats and jazzy piano sounds. It’s a song that showcases the unique and confident energy of Queez Eye, delivering lyrics with a strong sense of autonomy. We believe it’s a song that suits us well.


Queenz Eye members are known to have some involvement in their choreography. Did the members actively participate in the choreography of ‘UN-NORMAL’ as well?

Queenz Eye: The choreography for our debut title track “Yummy Yummy” was a cause for concern as we wanted it to be more professional, as if we were debuting all over again. So, our choreographer, who has been guiding us since our trainee days, took charge of choreographing it for us. They know us well and designed the choreography to highlight each member’s charm. However, for the stage setup of “Domino,” we participated in the creation process. We hope you also enjoy “Domino” as both songs are great, so please show us both a lot of love!

What is one interesting backstory behind the song ‘UN-NORMAL’ that fans may not know about?

AHYOON: When we first received the guide for the song, there were no brass sounds in the final part, but through revisions, the brass sounds were added. Now, it feels empty without them, and DAMIN’s gesture of firing a gun remains in my memory.

WONCHAE: We considered many other songs before “UN-NORMAL” came to us, but we prepared with joy because this song felt just right in terms of timing, theme, and suitability for Queenz Eye. As expected, many people love this song with the same passion as us, and that’s why we continue to work hard with delight.

Photo Cr: Big Mountain Entertainment, MyMusicTaste | Queenz Eye

As a rookie group, what does Queenz Eye hope to achieve this year?

NARIN: I would love to stand on a big stage like at the End of Year Awards Ceremony and it would be amazing to receive the Rookie of the Year Award.

AHYOON: It would be great if we could enter the domestic music charts. However, I also feel accomplished when I see that our song is reaching a larger and larger audience. It makes me so proud.

WONCHAE: Our ultimate goal is for many people to recognize Queenz Eye and think, “‘They are really good!” We hope that people will love our music and performances.

What makes Queenz Eye unique?

Queenz Eye: Although “UN-NORMAL” is an easy-listening song, we completed it in a unique way with powerful outfits and groovy and powerful choreography. The combination of the individual charms and confident energy of all five members created a wonderful synergy, making Queenz Eye even more special.

How would you describe Queenz Eye’s music to somebody who’s never heard it before?

Queenz Eye: The post-chorus part of “UN-NORMAL” is so addictive that the ‘woo-woo-woo~’ keeps replaying in your head. Moreover, each member’s unique vocal color adds to the fun of listening and watching. You might not have heard it before, but we are confident that you’ll find it hard to listen to it just once.

What do you want fans to take away from your new single?

Queenz Eye: We hope that while watching Queenz Eye’s free-spirited and enjoyable demeanor, please enjoy it together and receive energy along with us!

If you did not debut as an idol, what kind of job would you do?

HANNAH: I always loved watching TV, so I might have become a PD for variety shows.

DAMIN: I think I would have pursued a career in the entertainment industry, like being a program host or a talent, and lived while working hard in the broadcasting field.

NARIN: I might have become an actress! I had an interest in acting from a young age and even practiced on my own.

AHYOON: I dreamt of being a nurse. I liked the particular atmosphere and smell that hospitals have, and I admired how professional nurses treated patients. However, since nurses have to use needles and see blood, I gave up on that dream.

WONCHAE: Due to my interest in detective work, the police, or nature, I might have worked at a national park.

Who are your musical influences?

NARIN: I grew my dream while watching 2NE1 and Girls’ Generation sunbaenims!

AHYOON: It might sound funny… but my musical inspiration is a panda living in a Korean theme park named Fu Bao. Watching Fu Bao’s videos warms my heart and makes me feel like I became a mother, providing comfort and inspiration. In fact, I have a song I wrote while thinking about Fu Bao, and it has a soft and cloud-like melody.

DAMIN: I find my musical inspiration from IU sunbaenim. When I listen to her music, it gives me the strength to stand up again. I also want to be an artist who can give such strength to others.

HANNAH: When I was young, I watched many Disney series like Hannah Montana, High School Musical, and Camp Rock, which sparked my interest in music and acting.

WONCHAE: My inspiration comes from the captivating stages of other artists and nature. Monitoring their videos or watching live performances always allows me to learn a lot and find new inspiration. Being in nature makes me feel most comfortable and calm, and it’s when I come up with new ideas the best.

Are there any particular themes or musical directions you’re excited to delve into in your upcoming work?

Queenz Eye: It would be interesting to explore a more refreshing and bright high-teen concept, or maybe even challenge ourselves with hip-hop or funky rock styles.

Lastly, what would you like to say to your fans?

Queenz Eye: To all I-Q~! Thank you so much for always supporting and loving us. Our love is eternal!!

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