Webtoons With A K-Drama Adaptation

 It’s pretty exciting when your favorite book gets a movie or tv adaptation, but it is even more exciting when your favorite webtoon/manhwa gets turned into a K-drama. Here is a list of 6 webtoons/manhwas that have a K- drama adaptation.

  1. Business Proposal  

Shin Ha-Ri, our female lead, gets herself into a dilemma when she agrees to take her friend’s place on a blind date. She decides to go as a completely different person, hiding her identity, however upon arriving she finds out her blind date is the CEO of the company she works for. Life starts to get complicated for her and she tries to navigate two identities. How will this end for her?

  1. The Sound of Magic

The sound of magic follows Yoon A- Yi as she meets a magician at an abandoned theme park. Living a harsh life as a high schooler she studies as hard as she can so she can have stability when she becomes an adult. She suddenly meets Ri Eul, a magician who helps her to pursue hope, magic and pursue her dream.

  1. Cheese In The Trap 

 Focusing on the life and relationships of college students, this drama tells the story of Hong Seol, a university student who works hard for her education. Upon meeting her senior Yoo Jung she soon realizes that he has a deceptive and dark side that no one seems to notice but her. Could it be a simple misunderstanding between them two? As she tries to understand him and try to figure out what type of person he is, they soon begin an unexpected and confusing relationship.

  1. Sweet Home 

After a traumatic event, Cha Hyun-soo is left all alone forcing him to move into a small apartment complex. Strange things start happening as soon as he moves in and he finds himself in a hopeless situation. He begins to face the inner monster he has, confused and scared as he is, does he embrace it or does he neglect it? A fight for survival in this apocalyptic society many are faced with tough decisions while trying to make it out alive and find strength in hope.

  1. So I Married an Anti-Fan 

In hopes of getting a great scoop for her story, reporter Lee Geun-Young decides to attend an opening event for a club.  She soon spots superstar Hoo Joon and decides to follow him and sees him behaving in such ugly behavior. However, she soon ends up throwing up on him causing her to get fired from her job. She believes Hoon-Joon got her fired and starts a protest in front of his office everyday getting her named the “anti-fan”. She never once thought she would end up working with him and finds herself confused as to whether she will stay an anti-fan.

  1. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim   

After working as a secretary for nine years, Kim Mi-so decides to quit and leave her job. Shaken up by the sudden news, her boss, Lee Young–Joon does everything he can to try to stop her from leaving.  The two begin to form an unseen relationship and both discover a part from their traumatic past that helps them form an even stronger relationship and heal each other.

  1. See You in My 19th Life

Ban Ji–Eum remembers all of her past lives, but what makes this one so different than the other lives she lived? After a horrible car incident in her 18th life, she gets reborn into her 19th life as Ban Ji-Eum and she makes an effort to reconnect with those whom she loved dearly. But she soon begins to face the consequences and uncover what really happened in her past lives.

Which one of these webcomics/manhwas have you read?