[INTERVIEW] RESCENE breathes life into the world of kpop

In the colorful world of K-pop, many groups have managed to impress audiences worldwide. One upcoming group that is slowly but steadily making a name for themselves is RESCENE. They stand out as a unit with immense talent, charm, and overall stage presence.

Armed with a unique musical style and a growing fanbase, they’re ready to take over the world. In this interview, we will talk to RESCENE about their journey, aspirations, and debut.

Congratulations on your debut! Please introduce yourselves.

WONI: Hello. I’m Woni from RESCENE. Please look kindly upon me.

LIV: Hello. I’m Liv from RESCENE~! I’m an ESFP who is shy at first, but becomes more active than anyone else once I get to know someone!

MINAMI: Hello!! I’m Minami, the all-rounder of RESCENE with a bright, energetic smile that charms everyone ❤ I’ll always work hard to do well in any concept and show you a variety of sides in the future! Please support me😊

MAY: Hello! I’m Sunny May ☀ I’m in charge of the positive mindset at RESCENE, and I want to always give you bright energy!

ZENA: Hello! I’m Zena, the maknae with the reversal charm of RESCENE! Please support me! ❤

Can you tell us the meaning of the group name ‘RESCENE’?

LIV: The group name RESCENE (pronounced re-seen) means to recall a scene (SCENE) with fragrance (RE), and it embodies our aspiration to deliver musical fragrances that will linger in the hearts of the public.

What are the elements that distinguish RESCENE’s music style from other groups?

WONI: Our title track UhUh cannot be defined by one style, and I think it is a unique song that best expresses our group’s pursuit and our image.

LIV: I think the characteristics of RESCENE’s music are that it has a dreamy and luxurious atmosphere, and that each song has its own story, just as YoYo and UhUh express flowers differently.

MINAMI: RESCENE’s music has a mysterious, mysterious, yet luxurious atmosphere. It’s addictive music with fragrant melodies that linger in your ears!

YoYo and UhUh also have different atmospheres and feelings, so each song has a different fragrance, so you won’t get tired of listening to it, and I think it’s a highly addictive music style that makes you think of RESCENE when you listen to it.

MAY: I think the unique thing about RESCENE’s music style is that it makes you think of a scene from that time, or past memories and recollections.

ZENA: RESCENE’s music has a special fragrance for each song. So I think UhUh and YoYo have different fragrances. I hope the public will feel a different fragrance for each song!

Are there any interesting behind-the-scenes stories about the title track ‘UhUh’ that fans might not know yet?

WONI: I didn’t follow the chorus part of UhUh well at first, so I had to sing the chorus part 50 times as vocal homework.

LIV: It’s more of a happy memory than a fun one, but we all wore our sweatsuits and danced really hard once! It was tough, but it was so much fun and happy to be with the members!

MINAMI: We recorded UhUh not long after the group RESCENE was formed. There was a part where we all sang together, so we went into one vocal booth, and at first it was awkward, but we held hands to keep the beat and recorded it, and that made us a little closer.

MAY: The behind-the-scenes story of UhUh’s point choreography, which is head-shaking, is that as soon as I heard that part, my members and the CEO seemed to have telepathy and started shaking their heads, and eventually that part became real choreography!

Which artists have had the greatest influence on your musical activities? Please also talk about the parts that inspired you.

WONI: I dreamed of becoming an artist since I was young, watching BTS.  I was inspired by their hard work and stories as trainees, and I think it influenced my mindset and values.

LIV: The artist who had the greatest influence on my musical activities is the group VIVIZ. First of all, all three of them have excellent vocal skills, and the harmony of the three is so beautiful. That’s why I watched a lot of VIVIZ’s stage videos and music videos, and I think I was influenced a lot.

MINAMI: Since I was young, I have liked and respected Bruno Mars’ musical sense and style! The genre and atmosphere of each song is different, and the singing style is different, so it’s fun to listen to, and if you watch the performance on stage, you can see Bruno Mars’ unique groove and dance lines that match the song, which is also fun to watch! I want to become a world-class artist like Bruno Mars❤

MAY: Lee Hyori. She always looks so confident and strong, no matter the situation.  After experiencing a few stages since my debut, when I couldn’t get a sense of my stage attitude, just watching Lee Hyori’s music show stage videos boosted my confidence, and I think I got a lot of help when I was on stage.

ZENA: I have admired BLACKPINK since I was young and always thought of them as role models! I dreamed of becoming an artist after watching BLACKPINK, and especially Jennie has the most I want to emulate. Jennie shows an all-around appearance in every aspect such as singing, dancing, talent, variety shows, and language, so I felt that she was so so cool.  Above all, I think Jennie has a special charm that is unique to her.

Please complete the sentence:  To me, RESCENE is…

WONI: To me, RESCENE is a new starting point in my life. I’m preparing for what I’ve dreamed of since I was a student, and I think RESCENE will have a really big impact on me in the future, so that’s why I’d like to say it’s my new starting point.

LIV: To me, RESCENE is a gift. The members are like family to me, and that we were able to meet like this is a gift from fate.

MINAMI: To me, RESCENE is..? …A page of my life…! I have been so happy just waiting for the moment as I prepared to become a singer for three years, and I think I am really lucky and happy to be working with such great members because it’s an opportunity that I will never get twice in my life.

MAY: To me, RESCENE is family. These are the first people outside of my actual family who I feel completely comfortable with and open to.  Sometimes, I share even more with them than my family, so RESCENE is an irreplaceable, comforting family to me.

ZENA: To me, RESCENE is an incredible opportunity in my life. I’m so happy to be able to debut as RESCENE with good members as a result of working hard since middle school. But I think this is just the beginning, and we have to seize this opportunity in order to have more opportunities!

Are there any goals you would like to achieve this year as a rookie group?

WONI: I want to work really hard and try to win a rookie award.

LIV:  My goal this year is to win first place on a music show! (I will work hard!)

MINAMI: First of all, I would like to do my best to promote and let more people know about us, and since the goal is always big… it would be great to receive the 2024 Rookie of the Year Award!!! I always want to be ambitious and become a brighter artist than anyone else.

MAY: You might think a rookie award is an empty dream, but I think you should always aim high! We will become a RESCENE that works hard towards the goal of receiving the Rookie of the Year award!

ZENA: Rookie of the Year! First place on a music show!

Lastly, what would you like to say to your fans?

WONI:  This is our first album, so I’m not used to it yet, but I’ll do my best as much as I’ve prepared, so please look fondly upon me. I love you, our fans!

LIV:  Everyone! I will definitely try my best to grow more and show you a lot of good things in the future, so fall for RESCENE~ Love you guys so much, and let’s be together in the future. Love you~❤

MINAMI: Fans who always support and give us great love!! Thank you so much for loving RESCENE. I will always work hard to be a singer who never forgets a grateful heart, so please continue to support and love us in the future!! I always love you.

MAY: Hello~! Thank you for always waiting and loving us. I will continue to work hard to become an artist who can give you as much love as you give us. Let’s fill the future with even happier and more fun memories ~❤ Please look forward to a growing May .

ZENA: First of all, thank you so much for liking me! I will give you a lot of fun episodes in the future. I will keep growing and showing you more variety of good things!! Keep an eye on me! I love you always!! ❤❤❤❤

We want to give a special thanks to the members of RESCENE for interviewing with us and to the staff of The Muze Entertainment for giving us this opportunity!

Check out RESCENE’s new song ‘UhUh’ and debut single album RE:SCENE!


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  • Anonymous

    They are really great. I hope RESCENE will be huge. We will always be here for you. Let’s always be together!

  • Faw

    They are really great. I hope RESCENE will be huge. We will always be here for you. Let’s always be together!

  • Mayuri

    This is a decent debut for a girl-group coming from a small entertainment company. Everything is definitely above average. The problem is that it doesn’t excel in any area and it doesn’t doesn’t have a distinct personality and identity. The song itself has a catchy groove based on a distorted synth that runs through the duration of the track giving it coherence, but even though the build-up is excellent leading to an amazing hook, the bland chorus lets it down in the end. Also, those repetitive uhuh instead of being the high points of the song they become the worst parts and the ones that that drag it down. To summarize, the repetitive parts make it definitely a grower, so even though it is not a bad song at all it won’t catch your attention on your first listen, which is the major objective of a debut song.


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