ITZY shines bright on the Sugar Land stop of their Checkmate World Tour

ITZY brought their Checkmate World Tour to Sugar Land on Nov 3rd.

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Shining bright in their elegant outfits matched with sparkly tiaras. ITZY started the show off with hundreds of fans screaming in excitement as the girls made their entrance to the song “In the morning.” The performance ignited the stadium and set the mood for the entire evening.

Continuing on a high note the girls performed “Sorry Not Sorry,” “350,” and the viral hit “SHOOT!,” which took over social media at the time of its release. Not only did it become popular with MIDZY’s but also kpop fans alike. Ryujin gave the first solo performance of the night with her rendition of Doja Cat’s Boss Bitch.

Sarah Britton/TokkiStar

During the second half of the show, ITZY performed CHERRY and took some time to greet the fans. While the members were introducing themselves, Lia mentioned that “CHERRY” was a song MIDZY wanted to hear the most on their tour. This was then met with barking from MIDZY’s. Yeji gave a cute/shocked expression and when it was her turn to introduce herself the barking began again. She asked Lia

“Does that mean they think I’m attractive?”

Yeji then laughed and said

“I like it”

Sarah Britton/TokkiStar

As the night progressed, MIDZY’s got four more solo stages with Lia singing Taylor Swift’s Red, Yuna singing Conan Gray’s Maniac, Chaeryeong singing Ariana Grande’s Bloodline, and Yeji singing Dua Lipa’s Hotter Than Hell. Each performance was a showcase of ITZY’s unique charm as soloist.

Sarah Britton/TokkiStar

The most memorable moments of the show were the performances of “Not Shy,” “Wannabe,” “LOCO,” and their new English song “Boys Like You.” And while Boys Like You is a great song it didn’t compare to the response “Sneakers” got that night. The stadium was at its loudest while the song was being performed.

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Toward the end of the show, the audience played a game that put them directly in the spotlight. The game had the crowd participate in a variety of challenges such as speed dancing, random dance play, and even a scream challenge. The game was a joyous activity that really brought the audience together, as each person cheered for their fellow MIDZY.

Sarah Britton/TokkiStar

Check out more photos from ITZY’s tour below!

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