KPOP Winter Songs To Get You Ready For The Cold Weather

October has finally arrived and that means sweater weather! From the long padded coats to the wool scarves and cotton socks, everything about this autumn season means cozy, cool, and refreshingly comfortable vibes.

Of course, the season hasn’t completely changed quite yet. The mornings are chilly and the afternoons are somewhere between cool and warm giving us this perfect weather in return. So, although we are all eagerly waiting for the weather to transform, we can do different autumn/winter-themed activities that can preoccupy us until the weather gets colder.

For instance; we can take out our winter clothes from the closest, put on our warmest pair of socks, drink hot cocoa on those breezy mornings, or…we could start listening to winter Kpop songs!

Here are 18 KPOP winter songs to get you started!

  1. “Autumn Leaves” – BTS

This song has to be on my playlist no matter what. The crystal, clear vocals, the rap that just hits every beat so effortlessly, and everything about how this song meshes together, perfectly are just AMAZING! I wish I could put every single song from this album, “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever”. This whole album is perfect to listen to during the wintertime.

2. “Miracle” – Got7

As I listen to this song, I think of Christmas lights lighting up every street and building on my night drive down the quiet, suburban roads. The awe-filled feelings that overwhelm me as I watch the lights twinkle and glow in the dark, magical night are what I feel as I listen to this song.

3. “Spring Day” – BTS

Our queen “Spring Day”, what will we ever do without you? The song gives heavy nostalgic vibes. It talks about missing someone and waiting for that person to come back. The indescribable heart-wrenching feeling of losing someone is compared to this cold, undying winter in these powerful lyrics. A perfect sad melody for the incoming cold weather.

4. “Should’ve Held On” – ASTRO

This song talks about the memory-filled feelings after a break-up. “I should have held on,” says the lyrics, repeatedly. They wanted to be together again but the love that existed in the relationship is far from saving.

5. “Save ME” – BTS

I put this song on repeat when the dark, gloomy side of winter kicks in. The song’s lyrics talk about asking for help from the despair of their nightmarish nights. They need someone to pick them up from something that is keeping them down. This darker yet up-beat song somehow fits with the bitter cold and frivolous side of winter.

6. “무제” – G-Dragon

All I can say is to prepare the tissues.

7. “Habit” – SEVENTEEN

There were a lot of soft SEVENTEEN songs that I considered to put in here but I thought this song fir the ballad mood the best. As I am listening to this song, I feel like I am given all the strength in the world to face the unknown cold bitterness in front of me.




8. “Time and Fallen Leaves” – AKMU

This brother and sister duo has done it again in this ballad mash-up. Their voices are truly so underated. Like fragile glass in the winter sun, their voices are gorgeously clear and beautiful. As if autumn is slowly waking, the song gives the feeling of renewal. We are seeing the start of a beginning unfold.

9. “Good day” – IU

Slightly pop, this song is perfect to get you in the mood on a cold day out. Honestly, IU’s voice can fit every single winter song in existence. Her soft yet strong vocals give a resounding touch to every song that has ever been played by her.

10. “dwlrma” – IU

Another winter happy feeling song by IU.

11. “Missing You” – BTOB

One of my favorites of BTOB out of the many I have. When I listen to this song, I think driving through soft white cushions of snow as the fall on the empty cold streets. I want to pull the windows down and pretend I am part of my own music video.

12. “You Were Beautiful” – Day6

An ICONIC Day6 song. Like most songs in this album, I thought the nostalgic feelings of a first love would be a perfect addition to this winter playlist.

13. “I Like You” – Day6

A beautiful confession song.


14. “The Best Thing I Ever Did” -Twice

I had a lot of TWICE songs that I wanted to add but decided not to go crazy on here. This is one of my favorite December/ Winter songs from TWICE. When I listen to this song, I think of Christmas. I think of “The Polar Express” playing on TV, as I cozy on the couch with my hot cocoa. There is a warm fire burning in the fireplace and that feeling right there is what I can’t wait for.

15. “Wait” – EXO

EXO has some great winter songs but I thought this one was my favorite. Imagine this playing in a coffee shop as it is snowing outside. Comfy and cozy in a brown, wool sweater, you are sipping on some warm coffee as you watch flecks of snows drizzle this way and that until the finally melt on the ground.

16. “Spring Breeze” – Wanna One

This was one of Wanna One’s last songs before they disbanded making this track all the more sadder.

17. “Coming Home” – NCT U

When NCT U released this song, I was thrown away by how well Taeil, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Haechan were singing together. Wow, what art!

18. “Phonecert”- 10CM

10CM is AMAZING! If you haven’t heard of him, I suggest you do! His soft and happy voice just makes you want to listen to him all day. I think this song of happy, fluttery feelings you feel when you get into a relationship, would be a perfect start to your day in autumn!


Ok, I think I’ll stop here on my list of songs, or else this post will be never-ending! I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did writing it. Hopefully, this also gave you a headstart on song choices for your autumn/winter playlist!

Were there any songs you liked from this list? What songs would you definitely add to the playlist? Let us know!