Kwon Eun Bi wants to show an updated version of herself through mini-album “COLOR.”

Photo Credit: Woollim Entertainment


Kwon EunBi brings spring to life with her new project, “COLOR.” The album is an R&B/Electro Pop-based record consisting of 6 tracks, with “Glitch” as the lead single. Glitch introduced a new side of EunBi, showing off a more mature, confident version of the singer. It also shows that Kwon Eun Bi can reinvent herself as an artist. The lyrics “Yeah, I’m that Glitch. Perfect pitch.” drew my attention the most because they give off a self-love sentiment I believe many fans will love and carry with them into their day-to-day life.

Along with the debut of her new mini-album, the singer also had a showcase hosted by MJ Tonz Entertainment and Woollim Entertainment, where she answered a few questions and performed two songs from ‘Color’ for the first time. We had the chance to speak to Kwon Eun-Bi about what inspired ‘Color’ and how it differs from her debut release, “Open.”

TS: For your album “Color,” what topics or themes were typical influences for the songs?

Kwon Eun Bi: I think I got the inspiration from my daily life.

TS: How was the process of making the ‘Color’ album different from your previous project?

Kwon Eun Bi: During ‘Open’, I was really nervous, and as it was my first solo album, there were many things that I didn’t know. Now through Color, I’ll show the upgraded version of myself by learning from my experience with Open.

Photo Credit: Woollim Entertainment


As said before, “COLOR” contains six new tracks, The Colors of Light,” “Glitch,” “Magnetic,” “Colors,” “Speed of Love (우리의 속도),” and “Offs.” And is available on all streaming platforms

  1. “The Colors of Light”
  2. “Glitch” (Our fave track)
  3. “Magnetic” (Our fave track)
  4. “Colors” (Our fave track)
  5. “Speed of Love (우리의 속도)”
  6. “Off”


Check out GLITCH below!


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