TEMPEST talks about their debut album “It’s Me, It’s We” and answers fans’ questions

Courtesy of YUEHUA Entertainment

Meet TEMPEST, a seven-member (LEW and HYEONGSEOP, HANBIN, HWARANG, HYUK, EUNCHAN, and TAERAE.) group formed by YUEHUA Entertainment aiming to impress the kpop market with their powerful performances, bright energy, and genre-bending music. Today we’ll talk to the group about their music, goals and they’ll even answer iE’s questions!

What’s the story behind your recent single “Bad News”?

HWARANG: “Bad News” is a song that announces our strong energy and that we have appeared in the K-pop scene. Since it’s a self-introduction song, after listening to “Bad News,” whatever our listeners feel or think would be the message we wanted to convey.

Did any fun incidents happen on set during the “Bad News” MV filming?

TAERAE: I filmed a scene with HWARANG, which involved us having to shoot paint guns. Although it didn’t make it into the music video, I really enjoyed it, and it was quite difficult to get the paint off. I’d like to show you that scene if I get the chance someday!

What’s your favorite song on the “It’s Me, It’s We” album?

HANBIN: Bad At Love


HYUK: Just A Little Bit

LEW: 있을게 (to YOU)

HWARANG: Just A Little Bit


TAERAE: Just A Little Bit

To me, TEMPEST is?

HANBIN: Family


HYUK: Energy

LEW: We are one

HWARANG: Protagonists in a movie

EUNCHAN: Bibimbap

TAERAE: New joy

What sets TEMPEST’s music style apart from the rest?

HYEONGSEOP: Our music contains TEMPEST itself, and hyperrealism is the main concept. The message we wanted to convey was melted into the music. It includes the story of each of our members’ individuality and charms, our growth process, and our inner life.

Lastly, what would you like to say to your fans?

EUNCHAN: Thank you so much for being with us from the start, loving and supporting TEMPEST. Hope we can see each other for a long time, and we stay in good health. We will show you many more wonderful sides of us in the future. I love you!

Questions from fans’s
4 lucky iE’s got a chance to ask the group a few questions!

Courtesy of YUEHUA Entertainment

JminQueen Asks: What is the definition of TEMPEST?

LEW: TEMPEST means a strong storm and contains our bold aspiration to sweep everything with our intense energy and powerful performances. And for us, Tempest is “One” and “My everything.”

dancergirl_2014 Asks: Hi Hanbin, I’m Alissa. My question is, how does it feel to have your dreams come true?

HANBIN: I am really happy, and I believe that this was a result of continuing to believe in myself. I am looking forward to being able to show what I can do to the fullest from now on, and I am honored to have an opportunity to let people know more about my hometown, Vietnam. I will always do my best so that everyone can be proud of TEMPEST and me, HANBIN. We will try to show you various sides of us. Thank you!

14cristal_ Asks: How does it feel to debut during a pandemic, and When will we get to see TEMPEST in person?

HYUK: I feel sad that I can’t express how much I love iE in person. Still, we are trying to communicate with iE in various ways. We are always ready to meet you. So if given the opportunity, we will visit you with no hesitation.

todoroki_llama Asks: What made you guys want to become singers?

HYEONGSEOP: I’ve never felt my heart race so fast when I found out I would like to be a singer. I used to stay home, but it became a turning point in my life. I started to go to auditions and started to go out and work out because I wanted to look better. And after steadily running down that road, I am now here as TEMPEST.

We want to give a special thanks to TEMPEST for interviewing with us and everyone who helped us make this happen!


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